The X-Trial World Championship celebrated its 2nd round of the year at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, a very special venue which was hosting its 42nd Indoor Trial, with no doubt, one of the most iconic and historic events of the sport. Team Vertigo and Jorge Casales were going into the event with really high hopes, specially after Budapest, where things went pretty well as he reached a positive 6th place, a result that he was looking forward to replicating or even improve in Barcelona.

Sections were quite demanding, with really technical spots that left no room for mistakes. Casales was the 2nd of the first trio of riders to face the 5 initial sections, just after Petrella. A maximum at the entry of section 1, and another one at the last stages of section 2 put Casales with 10 marks, but far from loosing his cool, the Spaniard managed to make it through a difficult section 3 leaving only 1 mark. Section 4 meant his 3rd maximum as the opening triple step was nearly impossible to overcome. Last section was quite a good one and Casales only penalized 1 more mark.

Casales would go up to a total of 17 marks, just three behind the limit to advance to the 2nd round. It was another learning experience for Casales that allows him to gain more experience in this difficult discipline. With the 8th place of Barcelona Casales keeps the 6th spot of the X-Trial general standings.

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