Last couple of weeks have been an intensive ones for Vertigo. The factory has received during the last period of January and these first days of February several visits from some of the most important international importers, all with the aim to strengthen our levels of cooperation and to create new plans together that should help Vertigo to keep growing internationally.

Taking advantage from the fact that our importers from the US, Canada, Belgium, the UK and Norway were here in Spain and that our factory riders didn’t have any events in their agendas, Vertigo decided to organize a training day on Saturday the 2nd of February at the Noassar Center with Dougie Lampkin, Berta Abellán, David Avendaño and Lorenzo Gandola amongst others.

It was an excepcional day of riding. Everyone was able to practice on different kinds of terrains and conditions thanks to the uncountable amount of sections that the Noassar Center store within its wide extension.

After receiving a positive feedback, Vertigo has actually started to prepare some rental models for dealers, importers and general public to enjoy the Noassar Center without having to take care of transporting their own bikes. More information on that coming soon.

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