Photos: X-Trial.com / The capital of Hungary hosted the first round of the 2019 X-Trial season, a series that will see 7 events throughout this first part of the year before going outdoors. Jorge Casales was arriving to the event after a strong preseason period, and being this one his second season at the helm of the Combat Vertical. At Sheffield, he already was at a great level, finishing inside the Top5, so everything was on point to give a proper start to the indoor campaign.

Night would eventually start really well for Casales, who was inside the first group of riders alongside with Dan Peace and Takahisa Fujinami. He scored the best punctuation of the heat with only 15 marks, enough to make it to the next round once the other two groups completed the opening lap.

In the second round, already with the 6 best riders coming from the previous one, Casales started with the first group as well, now with Adam Raga and Jeroni Fajardo. He finished with 15 marks again, this time after two maximums in section 2 and section 5, both with very difficult elements. That score wasn’t enough to reach Top4 positions, which would have given him the chance to fight for the podium, so he finally had to settle with 6th place.

Even though he wasn’t able to fight for the podium, Casales showed himself as a very strong competitor in Budapest, demonstrating that his feeling on the Combat Vertical is well settled after one year riding green, and what is more, with the sensation that his progression in indoor events is reaching higher stages (last time we saw Casales in an X-Trial was at last year’s opening event). Good news for him and the team is that in two weeks time they’ll both have a new opportunity in Barcelona, one of the most popular and important indoor events of the calendar. There, Casales is aiming to make a new step forward and consolidate himself inside the top spots of the series.

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