Great news for Vertigo came this weekend from Zelhem (The Netherlands), the spot were the 2017 European Trial Championship was set to kick off, as Toby Martyn and Manuel Coppetti topped the podium in their respective classes to clinch for Vertigo an outstanding double victory.
With a very variable weather, where rain would come and go several times, more difficulty was added for the riders as sections turned to be slippery, leaving the big rocks nearly impossible to overtake.  Despite this, as the time went by the sun began to rise allowing all the riders to improve during their second laps around the 15 sections the race was composed of.

Vertigo’s young talent Toby Martyn came to Zelhem after a tough beginning at his homesoil series, where yet he hasn’t been able to show all his potential. Even though, here in The Netherlands things went quite a lot different, with Martyn performing in a great level positioning himself as a victory contender. With the first lap done, many riders were fighting alongside with Martyn for the podium positions. The Vertigo rider ended with 14 marks, only one away from the top spot of the classification.

But the best was yet to come, as Martyn made an excellent second lap, only leaving 5 marks at the helm of his Combat Ice Hell. Both the rider and the bike were at a great level, leading the young Brit to end the competition with 19 marks, the same as his countrymate Dan Peace (Gas Gas), but with a larger number of cleans (24), Martyn was crowned as the first winner of 2017 season in the FIM European Trial Championship.

In the meantime Vertigo was celebrating this great performance by Toby Martyn, yet another Vertigo rider was making great advances through the day in the Junior Cup. Manuel Copetti lead the way in this Junior Class from the very beginning. Even he was not able to be the best in the first lap, with 30 marks, Copetti only did one more than the two riders who were in front of him. Following what happened with the premier class, punctuations dropped dramatically in the second lap. Copetti gave his very best to come home with only 13 marks17 lessthan the first time to take the overall victory leaving 5 points behind their opponents.

It was undoubtedly an exceptional beginning of the FIM European Trial Championship by our young talents, who gave Vertigo an historic double victory. Next round of the European Series will be held in Bilstain (Belgium) next weekend, where Martyn and Copetti will be trying to keep on with this great results.


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