VERTIGO EXPERIENCE 2018: Nov 9 – Nov 11

After the huge success that was the first edition, from November the 9th to the 11th Vertigo will organize its second edition of the Vertigo Experience. This a Vertigo feast, but overall, a trials feast where all the fans and riders can enjoy a weekend plenty of activities and a lot of trials riding. Once again, the event will be located at the magnificent facilities of the Hotel Puig Francó and the Noassar Center.


Activities will kick off on Friday. This opening day is set to receive international importers and dealers at the Hotel Puig Francó, where several technical and mechanical talks about the 2019 Vertigo models will be organized. After that, there will be the possibility to have a ride around the Noassar Trial Center alongside with Vertigo Factory riders.


On Saturday Vertigo will have all the 2019 models at disposal of all the riders and trial fans. Everyone will have the chance to have a ride on any model at the Noassar Center sections, always joint by Vertigo Factory riders Jorge Casales, Berta Abellán and the 12 Times World Champion and SSDT Winner Dougie Lampkin. This constitutes the perfect opportunity to test in first person the handling of the whole 2019 range, featuring the Combat Vertical in its 3 models, the 300cc, the 250cc and the 125cc, and the Mini Vandal, in its 50cc and 65cc versions. In order to assure that every rider has enough time on the bike it will be necessary to register previously to the event. The testing day will begin at 10:00 and will end at 16:00.

In addition to the full 2019 Vertigo range, riders will be able to test yet another model, which is the Crossbow Bullet, the brand’s E-Bike. This MTB constitutes the perfect option to enjoy nature in a more attractive way than with a conventional bike. The Bullet will be available as well so everyone will have the chance to test it.


Finally, the best day for Vertigo’s customers will arrive on Sunday with the celebration of the Trial for Vertigo riders. There will be a circuit with several sections at the uncountable Noassar Center’s areas, some of them being outlined at the same points where the 2017 and 2018 TrialGP World Championship took place. An experience like that demands a proper breakfast, that is why Vertigo will provide all the riders with a great Catalan Sausages breakfast to fill the deposits. The price per rider will be of 15€, and it will include number plate, breakfast and insurance. The trial will start at 10:00, after breakfast, and finish at 14:30 approximately.


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