What a debut for our Vertigo Combat Vertical 2018. Dougie Lampkin claimed the victory at the popular Scott Trial after a solid race to add another win to his already successful record book. This edition of the Scott Trial proved as always why it is considered the most demanding 1-day race in the world, with the riders having to get over 70 muddy and slippery sections.

Our developer and brand ambassador demonstrated once again that he is still in great shape. Despite not being the fastest one and for instance adding 11 marks due to time, his low punctuation of 43  was enough to take the victory ahead of Ian Austermuhle (Beta) by a margin of 7 marks.

Lampkin plan was to focus more on the observation marks, and not too much on the time. This finally paid off as it allowed him to finish only a few minutes behind of his former teammate James Dabill (Gas Gas), and in the meantime, be able to score the second best observation score of the day. Even Lampkin suffered a little bit at the last part of the race he managed to hold on the rhythm and put in an impressive ride that finally led him to the victory.

This was undoubtedly the best debut possible for the Combat Vertical 2018. It was even a more remarkable win as it came aboard a completely standard production Vertical without any extra adjustments. We are really pleased with how the bike is working, and winning this famous race just confirms the hard efforts Vertigo has put in to build a proper standard bike for the 2018 season.


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