Vertigo proudly announces its new Combat Vertical 2019, a bike that features many and interesting innovations from former models. From the more visual an aesthetic parts, with the addition of new colours, to the technical and mechanic specifications, the Vertical 2019 has been completely redesigned. All that is applied with the eyes set on keep producing a motorbike with an elevated differential factor, and at the same time, deliver a standard model capable of increasing the value and the experiential quality of our customers experiences. The 4 SSDT victories in a row clinched by Dougie Lampkin, or the several podiums and victories taken in the World and European Championships, constitute the basis of the development process for brand’s production models, a fact that brings an extra component of quality and reliability. The new Vertical won’t be available until July, the moment when its distribution will start.


Vertigo’s commitment with young riders is a fact. What is more, this season the brand kick-started the Vertigo Junior Factory Team programme, which is currently helping several international riders to go on with their riding in their respective National Championships. Following this line of promoting and enhancing trials young prospects, Vertigo is really pleased to unveil its first 125c.c. model.

Thanks to its exclusive tubular frame, the Vertical model has become one of the most light and easy-handling bike out on the market. This aspect is even more important in a 125c.c., specially for those riders who are just about to make the switch from smaller bikes. In that sense, the Vertical 125c.c. has been conceived with the same image of the current models, featuring identical design and composition from her older sisters, the 250c.c. and the 300c.c., including the injection system. With a powerful but at the same time docile engine, this model represents the perfect starting point for the young riders to begin their way to the elite of trials.

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