Vertigo is glad and really grateful to receive one of the most prestigious awards worldwide inside the innovation and technology industry. From the very first day, Vertigo has worked really hard to build a powerful, lightweight and versatile bike, using the best components and the experience from all the Vertigo team to bring our customers a unique experience at the helm of the Vertigo Combat range. Innovation and technology have been also taken into account in every single step of our chain production, therefore, our bikes are the most advanced ones in the trial scene.

That is the point that the jury from the Awards highlighted the most, making for instance, the following statement: “The unconventional design is technically an ergonomically destined for an extreme racing situation, which is incisively expressed in its striking lines“.

In addition, the description for our brand said that: “The technically and visually advanced trial bike from Vertigo Motors, the new Spanish manufacturer forcing its way onto the market, is causing quite a storm on the trial scene. It has innovative technical features that make it possible to ride the bike in a unique way while breaking new creative ground“.

We can not thank enough the jury for such consideration. From here, we can only assure that we will keep working hard, day by day, to improve our bikes and remain on the cutting edge of the innovation in the trial scene, and at the same time, sharing our passion for this amazing sport.


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