Friday 12: The weekend will start on Friday, with the possibility of accessing the paddock from 9:00 in the morning until 3:00 p.m. At this point, the pilots can begin the inspection to the 15 zones that form the route.

Saturday 13: At 8:00 in the morning will begin the checks and administrative checks for motorcycles and pilots. At 11:00 the trainings will begin, in which the participants will be able to test their mechanics. At 15:00, one of the main novelties in this TrialGP World Championship will begin, it will be the classification zone, destined to dictate the starting position that each driver will occupy on Sunday. This zone, as well as those destined for training, are located a few meters from the paddock, so you can get there on foot without any problem.

Sunday 14: Already with restricted access with own vehicle, at 8:00 a warm-up session is scheduled to start the race with the first driver’s departure at 9:00. The awards ceremony will be at 3:45.



During the race day, the public will not be able to access the Font Rubí urbanization with their own car. In Camprodon, 4 parking garages will be enabled so that the fans can park their cars there, and later, board one of the coaches that will take them directly to the trial area. The round trip will cost € 5, children under 14 will have the free trip. The service will start from 7:30, with a total of 5 coaches that will travel every 20 minutes.

Once you arrive at Font Rubí, the coach will drop you off at the urbanization pools, about 300m from the paddock, which you can easily reach on foot. This will be located within the facilities of the Hotel Puig Francó, along with all other services among which there will be bar service, merchandising stores, and much more. Those who want to access the areas must get on a bus, which will take them from the pools of the urbanization to the areas located in the Pi Solitari.

Each spectator will carry their accreditation, which will serve to make use of this transport without any additional cost to part of the previously made to get on the first bus. There will be step controls, so it will be very important that the public does not lose sight of their accreditation. This will be delivered in Camprodonantes to make use of transportation.

Vehicle access to the Font Rubí urbanization will be exclusively for residents with their relevant distinction, for the buses in charge of transporting the public and for all those with special accreditation or VIP passes.


This will be the layout of the shopping area and paddock in the facilities of the Hotel Puig Francó.


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