The TrialGP World Championship put an end to two months of intensive racing by celebrating the last GP before the summer break. Belgium was the country to host this 6th round of the season, with Comblain au Pont being the centre of the race.

Saturday began quite well for Jorge Casales, who was able to set an impressive time in Qualifying 1 that allowed him to stay in 1st place almost all the session. Only Toni Bou (Montesa) was fastest, soCasales would end 2nd this first qualification. Being amongst the riders who chose a fastest line just after the start, Casales was in the mood to establish himself in the top spots again, but then he lost his front wheel at one of the dusty and slippery rocks of the section. This maximum would eventually drop him to 11th.

On Sunday Casales struggled to find the pace he had at the beginning of the season, and as the race was going on the differences between him and the top spots was also getting bigger. He ended lap 1 with a total of 48 marks, and despite his efforts and improvements during lap 2, he was only capable to low his punctuation to 40 marks and so, having little chances to catch the riders he had just ahead of him. Casales finished in 10th place.

The World Championship takes now a small breath to resume the 2018 season in September with the last two rounds of the calendar.

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