For the second year running the Hotel Puig Francó and the Noassar Park facilities hosted the Vertigo Experience event, which after the 2018 edition, consolidates as the perfect trials event where not only the brand’s customers are welcome, but also everyone who loves trials and wants to have a closer insight on Vertigo’s current range of bikes.

Jorge Casales, Berta Abellán, David Avendaño and Vertigo’s ambassador and Team Manager Dougie Lampkin participated actively in every single activity that took part throughout the weekend, leading all the groups during the trips around the Noassar Park and showing some of their skills in some exhibitions that took place randomly in multiple spots of the Noassar area.

The activity went underway on Friday. Some Vertigo international importers were able to make it to the Hotel Puig Francó, in which turned to be a perfect occasion to strengthen the presence of the brand in each of their countries. They also had the opportunity to join Vertigo’s Factory riders in their first rides around the Noassar Park. A rainy Thursday left slippery and muddy sections for the opening day of the Vertigo Experience, but with the sun rising about midday and the clouds gone away, conditions improved greatly and activity could go on to enjoy an already successful first day of the Vertigo Experience 2018.

Following Vertigo Experience’s schedule, Saturday was set as the test day. Everyone had had the opportunity to register previously in order to join us at the Hotel Puig Francó and swing their leg over any of the Vertigo 2019 models, including the Combat Vertical in its 300c.c, 250c.c. and 125c.c. versions, the Mini Vandals and the Crossbow Bullet, the brand’s E-Bike. The sun was shining since the early morning, so conditions were fantastic to test the bikes in a tour that took about 20-30 minutes around the Noassar Area. A significant number of riders didn’t miss the opportunity to test at first hand the handling of the current models, receiving a pretty positive feedback from everyone who took part in the test.

Finally, on Sunday took place the 2nd edition of the Vertigo’s Customers Trial event. A total of 12 sections were prepared in many of the places where the 2017 and 2018 TrialGP World Championship had been celebrated. They were featuring all kinds of elements like water sections, SSDT styled rocks, downhills and uphills, etc. Nearly 50 riders attended the event, which kicked off at 10:00 a.m after a delicious breakfast at the terrace of the Noassar bar. It was again a bright day, and after the family photo, finally the trial was given a go. The Noassar Park featured perfect conditions, which allowed everyone to have an unbelievable experience facing the sections and enjoying the whole trip surrounded by breathtaking views.

The 2nd edition of the Vertigo Experience follows the positive outcome of last year’s first edition. Vertigo has been able to reinforce their presence in several countries thanks to the visit of international importers, and again, has offered a very unique experience with a high differential factor to all its customers. At the same time, it has also been a great chance to all the trial community to come and test the handling of the 2019 range. All this was even better thanks to an excellent weather and a fantastic atmosphere.

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