The most exclusive motorcycle trials bike in the market arrives in 2019 in a limited edition of only 40 units. The Combat Titanium comes again with its unique titanium frame, the lightest and most manageable one ever built, complemented with a group of premium components meaning this is the most advanced model ever created in terms of technology and innovation. Its unique plaque with the number of the series brings even more singularity to each model, providing the final users a motorcycle that nobody else owns worldwide.

Within the Combat Titanium novelties it specially highlights the addition of the WIFICOM system, which provides the opportunity to connect any mobile phone to the GET ECU and adjust the engine settings to adapt bike’s response if terrain conditions are constantly changing. In that sense, the Combat Titanium R turns becomes not only the unique bike in the market with this feature, but also the first one to bring it straight from production.

In 2019 the Combat Vertical keeps its throne as the lightest and best handling bike out on the market thanks to its exclusive Titanium frame. Only 2,1kg amongst the 65kg that weights the whole bike. The Titanium is the same material that equips most of the components including the foot-rests supports and a new muffler specially designed for the this model.

The suspension system brings new fork clamps geometry on the front fork as well as a compression, extension, suspension preload and maximum compression regulator. For the coming year the Reiger 3 way monoshock has been optimized, which definitely improves former models performance.

The cooling system takes direct action into the engine cylinder, and with new injection maps and a mapping switch for dry and wet conditions, the Titanium is ready to face obstacles of any kind. The Titanium features as well a new monoblock CNC mechanized front caliper, which is specially designed for trials riding.

When entering the aesthetic part, the most important addition is the new  and unprecedented anodized bronze colour for the rims, which gives another extra point of elegance to the whole bike and establishes an important difference with former models. These rims in combination with the anodized red details leave again a stunning outcome.

Amongst the mentioned anodized red details, the mechanized wheel spokes and a brand new hubs deserve special mention, being the Combat Titanium 2019 the first Vertigo bike to feature them. The skid plate must be added to the novelties list as well, as it comes with the same anodized bronze colour as the rims.

The Combat Titanium comes back in 2019 with the aim to better the experiences it provides to the riders, not only when riding it, but also because it symbolizes a unique property.

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