Vertigo Motors is delighted to present the 2020 Mini Vandal range of Trials bikes. These children’s trials bikes have been developed by the Vertigo engineers so as, to offer maximum fun and most importantly maximum safety to the smallest members of the family.

The Vertigo Mini Vandal is unique in being the only 2 stroke, petrol engine, kids bike of it’s size on the market. Thus giving the smallest champions of the future, a chance to experience their very first ride on an authentic Mini Trials bike. A bike which offers all the sounds, vibrations & sensations of a real full size trials bike.

The Mini Vandals have been developed with safety as our number one priority. Each bike has a exhaust guard, side frame guards, guards which fully enclose the disk brakes both front and rear. And finally a magnetic lanyard kill switch. Thus ensuring that your child’s very first experience of two wheel motorbike fun can be done in complete safety.

Our engineers have also worked hard to keep weight to an absolute minimum. These Mini Vandals therefore weigh in at only 21kgs. This results in these little bikes being both extremely agile & easy to manage, even for the smallest of children. The bikes also benefit from a new and improved air filter system so as to keep dust, dirt and water out of the airbox. Also new for 2020 is a larger capacity plastic fuel tank thus extending the range and fun of these little bikes. The Vertigo Mini Vandals, unlike most other kids bikes on the market are not fitted with bicycle tyres, they are equipped with authentic trials tyres developed exclusively for Vertigo.

These Mini Vandals are available in three stunning new versions for 2020.

A Mini Dougie Lampkin Replica, a Mini Jaime Busto Replica and finally a Mini 2020 Vertical Replica. Our designers have paid attention to the smallest of details, so as to ensure these little bikes are in almost every sense a true replica of their big brothers. All three models are powered by the same 50cc 2T engine and equipped with 16” wheels.

If you want to introduce your child to the exciting & fun world of motorbikes, in maximum safely and with all the sensations of a real full size bike, then these exciting Mini Vandals are the bike of choice.

More photos: LINK

More info on the new models: LINK

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