The 4th scoring test for the TR1 pilots the Cto. Trial Spain was held in the town of Sant Corneli (Barcelona), this being the only test of the calendar scheduled for two days of competition. After climbing to the podium in Arnedillo, Fajardo and the Vertigo team sought to give continuity to this good dynamic of results.

On the first day of the race, Fajardo was in charge of opening the 12 zones that made up the course, a fact that was not an impediment to aboard his Fajardo Replica, could fight from the first moment for the victory. His trial was great, especially up to zone number 8, at which time he only accumulated 1 penalty point and allowed him to lead the trial momentarily. Then, a series of three demanding zones added several feet to their locker to add a total of 13 and 8 in each of the passes. Fajardo would finish the day with 21 points, a performance that would be worth to climb the podium in an exceptional 2nd position.

Sunday would be a little more complicated day for our driver. In the first step through the areas Fajardo would suffer to stay in the fight to reach the positions of honor, while immediately after, in the second pass, could improve substantially to score the second best score of the round. With 20 points of the first pass plus 12 of the second Fajardo finish 6th with 35. Despite not being able to match the result of the first day, our driver leaves Sant Corneli with the 3rd place of the provisional of the Championship, a great news taking into account that at the beginning of the contest it occupied the 7th position.

The next scoring test for the Cto. Trial Spain will be in Andorra, in the middle of October.


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