Twin Ring Motegi Circuit in Japan hosted this last weekend the 2nd round of the TrialGP World Championship. Competition was set in two days, with the qualifying section scheduled for Friday. Heavy rain left the sections in quite tricky conditions, specially on Friday and on day one of competition.

In the qualifying section Jeroni Fajardo took a conservative strategy, assuming that the muddy and slippery section could bring mistakes pretty easily. Our rider was the first one to work a new line, while considerably slower, it allowed him to score just one mark, proving that his strategy was the right one. Even though his time wasn’t one of the fastest, the fact that he only left a single mark gave him the 2nd position of the day.

On the opening day of competition Fajardo positioned himself as a podium contender by ending lap one with 32 marks, the same punctuation as Takahisa Fujinami (Montesa), with who would hold a great battle for the third spot until the end of the day. Finally, Fajardo had to settle with 4th place, only 1 mark away from the podium.

On day 2 the weather finally improved, so all the riders were able to improve their performances. On the first lap Fajardo ended with 25 marks, but in the second one he recorded the lowest lap of the Trial, to finally came back home with another 4th. It was an outstanding ride by our official rider, who was just7th by the end of lap one. This great performance brought Fajardo to the third place of the general standings, a great reward to a solid weekend of racing.

In the Trial2 class Toby Martyn hadn’t the same luck as Fajardo in the qualifying section, where he only could end in 17th place. However, this wasn’t something that would affect Martyn’s ride on day one. Our young talent got his best ever result in the World Championship after a great performance. Martyn ended lap one being the third best, dropping 20 marks in his first ride over the fifteen Japanese sections. On lap two, he couldn’t stay at the same level, even though, his podium aspirationswere still alive. It was in the last section where a small problem added a new five to Martyn’s card, who was then tied in points with his country-mate Iwan Roberts (Beta). With a less number of cleans Martyn had to content with the 4th place.

On day two the young Brit fought again not only for a podium finish, but also for the victory. His score on the first lap was of only 9 marks, just one point over the best one. In his second ride through the hazards Martyn would make some extra mistakes that costed him his podium hopes. Twelve markswere too much in a lap where all the other riders were able to improve their rides, so he ended in 8th place. In Trial2 as well, Akira Shibata from Team Mitani, our Japanese dealer, joined Vertigo Teamfor his home race to end 17th and 15th on both days of competition.

Next race of the TrialGP World Championship will be in Andorra, the 17th and 18th of June.


Jeroni Fajardo: “On Saturday, after the first lap I felt really comfortable aboard my bike, but in the second one I had physical issues, I guess it was as a consequence of a cold I got when I arrived here in Japan. By the end of the day I was 4th, pretty close to the podium. On Sunday we were 4th once again. We made a great race. On lap one I got too many fives, but on the second one I pushed really hard to arrive almost to the podium. I’m really happy to come home with the third place in the Championship Standings”.


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