Nice saw yesterday the last round of the 2017 FIM X-Trial World Championship, which turned to be the very best of the ends for Vertigo and Jeroni Fajardo, who performed in a great level to get the third step of the podium and also the third place in the overall standings.

Jeroni Fajardo was set to compete once again against Albert Cabestany in the qualification, precisely his rival on the fight for the podium of the championship. With two disappointing last outings where Jeroni couldn’t stand out his actual level, yesterday was set as the day to recover from that performances, with Jeroni being confident to find his way to bounce back and fight for the podium. Yet in the early stages of the competition, Jeroni demonstrated thatthe night in Nice was one to make history, as he was outstanding in the qualification, being penalized with only 6 marks, just one behind the leaders after leaving one mark in section 4 and a five in the last one, where all the other riders also struggled.

When in the final, Jeroni knew from the very first moment that it depended only on himself to clinch the third position of the Championship, something that required a podium finish in Nice after seeing Albert Cabestany dropping to seventh place. Jeroni stayed focus, knowing exactly what he had to do. And so did he through the final, having a great ride at the helm of his Ice Hell to end the round with thirteen points after two consecutive fives in sections 4 and 5 plus one mark in number 2 and two more in the last one. If the nerves weren’t already on the edge, the former Vertigo rider James Dabill, added more tension ending the final with also 13 marks, leading the night for both riders to a dramatic tie-break for the last spot of the podium.

It was then when Jeroni Fajardo emerged with a powerful ride to beat James and become the winner of the race, achieving another podium finish after the one he snatched earlier this year in Barcelona, and eventually coming back home with the first podium for Vertigo in the FIM X-Trial World Championship. 

It was a great end to a tough series that finally rewarded Jeroni and all the Vertigo team for all their hard work through the series and also during the preseason months.

Jeroni Fajardo’s statements:

“I’m very happy. We went to Nice trying to perform the best we could because after Marseille it seemed that we didn’t have any options to reach the third position of the Championship. We worked really hard throughout the week to arrive in a good shape, with a better feeling than the one we have had over the last races and just try to make a proper weekend and well, so it was! I was able to perform in a great level, specially in the first lap with only one point. Then, after seeing Albert back in seventh, I was aware that I only had to get a podium finish in Nice to accomplish the third place of Championship as well. This gave me quite more pressure when the final began. Even though, I felt comfortable during it, holding a great battle with James Dabill for the third position. Finally, I could beat him in the tie-break to take both the third place of the night and the third place of the Championship. I’m really happy with my ride, to be back in a solid level and feeling comfortable aboard my Vertigo. It is a great satisfaction to be again inside the Top 3 of the world, I already achieved it earlier in 2005, and after thirteen years is just amazing to reach it again. I couldn’t be much happier”.


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