The Trial Spanish Championship 2017 started this weekend in Manacor de la Vall, Mallorca. Jeroni Fajardo came to the appointment after showing a great state of form in the first two races of the FIM X-Trial, where he currently occupies the fourth position by tying points with the third classified.

However things did not go as expected in this inaugural race of the Spanish Championship. The test was marked by the dryness of the terrain and by a route with very demanding areas. In addition, the heat was also a factor to be taken into account in a long day of competition like yesterday, with eleven areas that pilots had to face twice.

Jeroni Fajardo was one of the pilots who scored the most zeros in his box of points, but on the other hand, he also added several fiascos that made him lose all options to reach the podium positions. Finally Jeroni was seventh, a result that does not show the great level exhibited by our driver both in the X-Trial of Barcelona and in the last one held in Austria.

The CET will not return until April 9, when the town of Sigüenza hosts the second meeting for the TR1 pilots. By then the two remaining races of the FIM X-Trial have already been played, where Jeroni keeps intact his chances of finishing on the final podium of the Championship.


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