After several weeks without X-Trial World Championship activity the series came back to action for the last round of 2019. Andorra saw again Jorge Casales within the event’s roster after making his previous two appearances in Budapest and Barcelona, the first two rounds of the calendar.

Competition for Casales started with Heat 1, joining Fujinami and Petrella. He got the second best score of his group, in which he was able to get used to the technical indoor obstacles and build some confidence towards round 2, as his 10 marks allowed him to make it to round 2 after finishing with the 6th best score. Once in this second stage of the event he managed to overcome every section of the lap, with a really solid ride and showing all the competitiveness of the brand new Vertical R. This consistency brought him to the runners-up final in 4th place.

Casales went in a thrilling face-to-face with Jeroni Fajardo for the 3rd step of the podium. He started with a five on section 1, but didn’t let that affect his riding and penalized only 1 mark on the next one. Section 3, a really hard one that saw every rider leaving a 5, meant he was arriving 2 marks under Fajardo to the closing section. Casales made it through with only 1 mark, Fajardo with 2, which left the first with 12 and the second with 11.

A memorable race to close the indoor season, showing his capacity and his talent to become a regular rider of the series and a strong contender for the top spots. With that positives coming from the event, it is now time to continue preparing the outdoors, which will begin by the end of May in Italy.

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