Italy was the venue to host the 3rd round of the Trial European Championship. Berta Abellán was arriving with the Championship lead under her owning after her great performances in Castellolí and Poland, where she got the win in 2 out of the 3 days of competition. Being this one the penultimate round of the 2018 series, it was crucial to have a solid weekend in order to arrive in advantageous conditions to the last showdown in Bilstain, Belgium, just this next weekend.

From the beginning Abellán demonstrated why she has been so dominant in this year’s European Championship. The opening lap was nearly perfect, as she only left a maximum in section 10, which allowed to put some ground between her and the other riders. Only Hakonsen (TRRS), with 6 marks, stayed close to Abellán’s performance.

The extremely hot weather added extra difficulty to the trial, as it became tougher for all the riders to keep up with a good pace. Berta Abellán, wise as always, dealt with that handicap perfectly and managed the second half of the race to secure a solid victory, maybe the most valuable one so far, as it gives her a 45 points lead over Theresa Bauml, who is second in the standings. Abellán ended the race with 11 marks less than her German rival, and 14 less than Hakonsen, who was third.

The last round of the European Championship is going to take place this next weekend in Bilstain, Belgium, where we hope to see Abellán confirming her supremacy and clinching the title to put great end to the European series.

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