The TrialGP World Championship paddock quickly moved from Andorra to Cahors, France, to culminate two frantic weeks of competition that marked the beginning of the second half of the season. The trial, very much indoor style with big slabs and technical steps, turned out to be a low-scoring event, making each mistake crucial in terms of riders aspirations to reach top positions.

Continuing the excellent form exhibited in Andorra, Jaime Busto recorded back-to-back podiums after delivering an impressive second lap, going from initial 12 marks to just 2 to finish 1 out of second place. The new Nitro model once again showed great competitiveness in completely different conditions from what he had last week in Andorra, which proves its ability to perform at the highest level in any type of area and terrain. With this great result, Jaime Buso stays 4th in the provisional standings but now just 4 points behind 3rd spot.

In the Trial2 class Pau Martínez finished in 18th place with very similar scores on both laps, 17 and 18 marks. Japanese rider Yohito Taked struggled in this indoor conditions and could only manage to get a 26th place.

Cahors was set to be the season finale for the Trial125 riders. Ben Dignan had to settle for an 11th place, the young Scotsman started off very well leaving only 10 marks on lap 1, but on the second lap, three consecutive fiascos ended up undermining any chance of getting close to the podium. In the Championship standings, Dignan finishes in a positive 5th place considering he had to quickly recover from a knee injury at the beginning of the year.

Alfie Lampkin rounded out the Top 20 in what was his second World Championship experience, while Nil Riera finished his rookie season with a 22nd place.

The next race of the TrialGP World Championship will take place in Pobladura de las Regueras, Spain. It will be the penultimate round of the calendar before the final race in Portugal takes place just the following week, which will include the last point-scoring day for the 2021 World Championship (Saturday) and the TdN (Sunday), with Vertigo’s Jaime Busto and Berta Abellán having been selected to represent Spain.

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