The Italian Championship kicked off this weekend at San Gemini. Lorenzo Gandola had a great debut in the premier class with an impressive Top5, while Marco Andreoli made it to the top of the podium in the TR3 Open class.

It was a day of debuts for Lorenzo Gandola, as the Italian rising star made his first official outing aboard the brand new Vertical R. This was also his first race with the big boys, but he wasn’t intimidated by the more experienced riders nor the impressive level of the sections. He was fighting all day long for the top spots, keeping his cool and using his prime technique to build his way up to the Top5 by the end of the race. A great result that means an important boost of confidence and motivation for him.

Marco Andreoli brought Vertigo his first victory of the season in the Italian Series. He put in a dominant ride and no one was able challenge him for the victory in the TR3 Open class. There was yet another podium for the team, as young prospect Gabriele De Agostinis finished third in the Junior class after a brilliant performance.

In the TR2 class Michele Andreoli finished in a positive 8th place,  same position taken by Angelo Piu in TR3 Open. Edoardo Prtigliatti was 5th in TR3 while Gierri Nobili 9th in TR4.


Vertigo Motors is delighted to present the new, limited edition, Vertigo, Vertical, Model R. This new racing model is available in 125, 250 and 300cc versions. Each of these versions have been subject to a meticulous technical development, so as to ensure the bike is even more refined and advanced than ever before.  This new model, takes the already most technically advanced and revolutionary trials bike on the market, to a whole new level & into an entire class of its own. If you demand the ultimate in quality, advanced technology & performance-Then this in the bike for you:

New Racing Throttle Body: This gives a much faster and even more precise throttle response, throughout the rev range.

All New Lightweight Chassis: For a more agile and controlled ride, whilst saving 800g over the standard frame.

New Camo Graphics & Chassis Colour Scheme: Give an aggressive new look to the bike, which compliments perfectly the classic Vertigo Factory green.

Complete Redesign Of The Clutch: Allowing for an even lighter, more responsive & precise feeling. Providing even the most demanding riders, the ultimate feeling of control at their finger tip.

S3 Red Anodised Clutch & Brake Adjusters: Allow instant fine tuning of your Controls.

New Throttle Cable Adjuster: Fine tune your throttle at the handlebar.

Carbon Fibre Engine Case Guards: Added protection for the engine cases, whilst adding to the overall racing look of the bike.

New Tech Factory Forks: Give maximum precision and responsive feedback to the rider. While the gold finish adds to the racing look.

New Reiger 3 Way Rear Shock: Provides even smoother & more controlled Suspension travel, as well as improved traction & stability in all conditions.

Vertigo Brake & Clutch Master Cylinder Covers: In anodised red.

S3 Hard Rock Footpegs: In anodised red with non-slip steel pins.

– New Flywheel Weight Kit 366g: Allows the power delivery of the bike to be even smoother & more controlled, helping to optimise drive and traction in all conditions.

– New Radiator Design & New Fan: Improves airflow & cooling, whilst being more resistant to heavy impacts.

– New Silencer Guard Spacers: Give the rider more precision & control when manoeuvring the bike.

– Lanyard Type kill Switch: Competition ‘ready to race’ feature.

– Ultra Light, Billet Machined, Triple Clamps: With anodised red finish.

– Renthal handle bars & grips.

– Dunlop GP Tyres.

– Bronze Skidplate & Side Stand: Make sure the bike stands out & add a touch of class.

– FIM Spec Rear Disk Brake: Competition ‘ready to race’ feature.

– New Design Gear Change Lever: For improved gear changes.


Vertigo officially announces the signings of Pau Martínez and Leire Rodríguez for the 2019 season. A deal that reinforces and confirms Vertigo’s bet on young prospects, and that gives the opportunity to keep increasing the impact of the brand in the several national and international competitions.

Pau Martínez, MRW rider, is a promising bet. After taking the “Cadet” National Championship in 2017, last season he was able to build his way up to the Top10 of the Trial125 World Championship in his rookie year, a brilliant result that followed a solid 3rd place in the Junior class of the Spanish Championship. In 2019, we will see him competing again in the Trial125 World Championship, in the European Series inside the Youth class and repeating experience in the Junior class in Spain at the helm of the brand new Vertical 125c.c..

Leire Rodríguez is also a rider with a bright future ahead. Her riding has improved greatly during the last few seasons, and this year she will be looking forward to continuing this positive line in the Women’s B class of the Spanish Championship and inside the Women International class of the European Championship.

With these new signings Vertigo confirms its bet for the competition, which the brand considers as the best scenery to continue developing and improving their bikes as they are put to test in the most exigent conditions of trials.


Last couple of weeks have been an intensive ones for Vertigo. The factory has received during the last period of January and these first days of February several visits from some of the most important international importers, all with the aim to strengthen our levels of cooperation and to create new plans together that should help Vertigo to keep growing internationally.

Taking advantage from the fact that our importers from the US, Canada, Belgium, the UK and Norway were here in Spain and that our factory riders didn’t have any events in their agendas, Vertigo decided to organize a training day on Saturday the 2nd of February at the Noassar Center with Dougie Lampkin, Berta Abellán, David Avendaño and Lorenzo Gandola amongst others.

It was an excepcional day of riding. Everyone was able to practice on different kinds of terrains and conditions thanks to the uncountable amount of sections that the Noassar Center store within its wide extension.

After receiving a positive feedback, Vertigo has actually started to prepare some rental models for dealers, importers and general public to enjoy the Noassar Center without having to take care of transporting their own bikes. More information on that coming soon.


The X-Trial World Championship celebrated its 2nd round of the year at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, a very special venue which was hosting its 42nd Indoor Trial, with no doubt, one of the most iconic and historic events of the sport. Team Vertigo and Jorge Casales were going into the event with really high hopes, specially after Budapest, where things went pretty well as he reached a positive 6th place, a result that he was looking forward to replicating or even improve in Barcelona.

Sections were quite demanding, with really technical spots that left no room for mistakes. Casales was the 2nd of the first trio of riders to face the 5 initial sections, just after Petrella. A maximum at the entry of section 1, and another one at the last stages of section 2 put Casales with 10 marks, but far from loosing his cool, the Spaniard managed to make it through a difficult section 3 leaving only 1 mark. Section 4 meant his 3rd maximum as the opening triple step was nearly impossible to overcome. Last section was quite a good one and Casales only penalized 1 more mark.

Casales would go up to a total of 17 marks, just three behind the limit to advance to the 2nd round. It was another learning experience for Casales that allows him to gain more experience in this difficult discipline. With the 8th place of Barcelona Casales keeps the 6th spot of the X-Trial general standings.

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Photos: / The capital of Hungary hosted the first round of the 2019 X-Trial season, a series that will see 7 events throughout this first part of the year before going outdoors. Jorge Casales was arriving to the event after a strong preseason period, and being this one his second season at the helm of the Combat Vertical. At Sheffield, he already was at a great level, finishing inside the Top5, so everything was on point to give a proper start to the indoor campaign.

Night would eventually start really well for Casales, who was inside the first group of riders alongside with Dan Peace and Takahisa Fujinami. He scored the best punctuation of the heat with only 15 marks, enough to make it to the next round once the other two groups completed the opening lap.

In the second round, already with the 6 best riders coming from the previous one, Casales started with the first group as well, now with Adam Raga and Jeroni Fajardo. He finished with 15 marks again, this time after two maximums in section 2 and section 5, both with very difficult elements. That score wasn’t enough to reach Top4 positions, which would have given him the chance to fight for the podium, so he finally had to settle with 6th place.

Even though he wasn’t able to fight for the podium, Casales showed himself as a very strong competitor in Budapest, demonstrating that his feeling on the Combat Vertical is well settled after one year riding green, and what is more, with the sensation that his progression in indoor events is reaching higher stages (last time we saw Casales in an X-Trial was at last year’s opening event). Good news for him and the team is that in two weeks time they’ll both have a new opportunity in Barcelona, one of the most popular and important indoor events of the calendar. There, Casales is aiming to make a new step forward and consolidate himself inside the top spots of the series.


Vertigo starts the new year by announcing the signing of Lorenzo Gandola. The Italian is one of the most promising trials prospects worldwide, he is a former 125c.c. World Champion and last season he was able to grab some incredible results in his rookie season in the always competitive Trial2 class, and in the meantime, take the Italian Championship in the TR2 class.

Gandola joins the official Vertigo Factory Team, what means he will receive full factory support to demonstrate all his talent in the Trial2 World Championship, the European Championship and the outdoor and indoor Italian National Championships also thanks to the support Vertigo Italia will provide.

With this signing Vertigo secures a Top rider with yet, a great potential to develop. In 2018, he was able to snatch two top five as season-best in the Trial2 class, which puts him in position to reach even higher peaks in his second year in the class. With already four riders confirmed to contest the World Championship in the names of Jorge Casales, Berta Abellán, David Avendaño and now Lorenzo Gandola Vertigo consolidates its status as one of the referent teams in the world scene, and at the same time, increase its presence in the Italian Championship, one of the most important National series.


The most exclusive motorcycle trials bike in the market arrives in 2019 in a limited edition of only 40 units. The Combat Titanium comes again with its unique titanium frame, the lightest and most manageable one ever built, complemented with a group of premium components meaning this is the most advanced model ever created in terms of technology and innovation. Its unique plaque with the number of the series brings even more singularity to each model, providing the final users a motorcycle that nobody else owns worldwide.

Within the Combat Titanium novelties it specially highlights the addition of the WIFICOM system, which provides the opportunity to connect any mobile phone to the GET ECU and adjust the engine settings to adapt bike’s response if terrain conditions are constantly changing. In that sense, the Combat Titanium R turns becomes not only the unique bike in the market with this feature, but also the first one to bring it straight from production.

In 2019 the Combat Vertical keeps its throne as the lightest and best handling bike out on the market thanks to its exclusive Titanium frame. Only 2,1kg amongst the 65kg that weights the whole bike. The Titanium is the same material that equips most of the components including the foot-rests supports and a new muffler specially designed for the this model.

The suspension system brings new fork clamps geometry on the front fork as well as a compression, extension, suspension preload and maximum compression regulator. For the coming year the Reiger 3 way monoshock has been optimized, which definitely improves former models performance.

The cooling system takes direct action into the engine cylinder, and with new injection maps and a mapping switch for dry and wet conditions, the Titanium is ready to face obstacles of any kind. The Titanium features as well a new monoblock CNC mechanized front caliper, which is specially designed for trials riding.

When entering the aesthetic part, the most important addition is the new  and unprecedented anodized bronze colour for the rims, which gives another extra point of elegance to the whole bike and establishes an important difference with former models. These rims in combination with the anodized red details leave again a stunning outcome.

Amongst the mentioned anodized red details, the mechanized wheel spokes and a brand new hubs deserve special mention, being the Combat Titanium 2019 the first Vertigo bike to feature them. The skid plate must be added to the novelties list as well, as it comes with the same anodized bronze colour as the rims.

The Combat Titanium comes back in 2019 with the aim to better the experiences it provides to the riders, not only when riding it, but also because it symbolizes a unique property.


For the second year running the Hotel Puig Francó and the Noassar Park facilities hosted the Vertigo Experience event, which after the 2018 edition, consolidates as the perfect trials event where not only the brand’s customers are welcome, but also everyone who loves trials and wants to have a closer insight on Vertigo’s current range of bikes.

Jorge Casales, Berta Abellán, David Avendaño and Vertigo’s ambassador and Team Manager Dougie Lampkin participated actively in every single activity that took part throughout the weekend, leading all the groups during the trips around the Noassar Park and showing some of their skills in some exhibitions that took place randomly in multiple spots of the Noassar area.

The activity went underway on Friday. Some Vertigo international importers were able to make it to the Hotel Puig Francó, in which turned to be a perfect occasion to strengthen the presence of the brand in each of their countries. They also had the opportunity to join Vertigo’s Factory riders in their first rides around the Noassar Park. A rainy Thursday left slippery and muddy sections for the opening day of the Vertigo Experience, but with the sun rising about midday and the clouds gone away, conditions improved greatly and activity could go on to enjoy an already successful first day of the Vertigo Experience 2018.

Following Vertigo Experience’s schedule, Saturday was set as the test day. Everyone had had the opportunity to register previously in order to join us at the Hotel Puig Francó and swing their leg over any of the Vertigo 2019 models, including the Combat Vertical in its 300c.c, 250c.c. and 125c.c. versions, the Mini Vandals and the Crossbow Bullet, the brand’s E-Bike. The sun was shining since the early morning, so conditions were fantastic to test the bikes in a tour that took about 20-30 minutes around the Noassar Area. A significant number of riders didn’t miss the opportunity to test at first hand the handling of the current models, receiving a pretty positive feedback from everyone who took part in the test.

Finally, on Sunday took place the 2nd edition of the Vertigo’s Customers Trial event. A total of 12 sections were prepared in many of the places where the 2017 and 2018 TrialGP World Championship had been celebrated. They were featuring all kinds of elements like water sections, SSDT styled rocks, downhills and uphills, etc. Nearly 50 riders attended the event, which kicked off at 10:00 a.m after a delicious breakfast at the terrace of the Noassar bar. It was again a bright day, and after the family photo, finally the trial was given a go. The Noassar Park featured perfect conditions, which allowed everyone to have an unbelievable experience facing the sections and enjoying the whole trip surrounded by breathtaking views.

The 2nd edition of the Vertigo Experience follows the positive outcome of last year’s first edition. Vertigo has been able to reinforce their presence in several countries thanks to the visit of international importers, and again, has offered a very unique experience with a high differential factor to all its customers. At the same time, it has also been a great chance to all the trial community to come and test the handling of the 2019 range. All this was even better thanks to an excellent weather and a fantastic atmosphere.


Vertigo is pleased to announce the signing of David Avendaño. The agreement was reached jointly withVertigo’s dealer Non Stop Bikes, for which we will see Avendaño competing in the Spanish Championship and the Trial2 class of the TrialGP series.

At the tender age of 17-years-old, Avendaño already carries a great list of impressive achievements, starting with the 7 Venezuelan National Championships he claimed between 2007 and 2013. He was also crowned U21 Latin American Champion at the early age of 10 and three years later, when he was 13, he was able to wrap up the title in the premier class. In Spain, he has a runner-up finish in the Youth Class, while in Andorra he has taken a total of 5 Arinsal 2 Days Trial wins in several of its classes.

With this announcement, Vertigo confirms its commitment to give young talents the opportunity to continue growing and improving in the most demanding competitions of the trials industry. In 2019, Avendaño will make his debut in the Trial2 World Championship, a highly competitive class where he will be able to keep developing all his potential.

The Vertigo Experience event, which will take place on the 9th, 10th and 11th of November, is going to be the first official outing for Avendaño with the Vertigo, what means he will join his new teammates Jorge Casales and Berta Abellán as well as Vertigo’s Team Manager and ambassador Dougie Lampkin for the first time.