Vertigo Motors is proud to present the new, Limited Edition, 2020 Vertigo-Dougie Lampkin Replica. Available in 250, 280 & 300cc this new DL Replica has been revised extensively both internally & externally.

Now in it’s third year this model is the direct evolution of it’s already hugely successful predecessors. This new Dougie Lampkin Replica benefits from a full year of technical advancements & developments following feedback from Dougie’s vast wealth of knowledge & experience gained whilst winning his 12 World Tittles, in addition to which we can add his 4 straight victories of the SSDT and other prestigious events such as the Scott Trial, always aboard a Vertigo. All of this unrivalled experience & expertise has been channeled directly into the designing and building of this new DL Replica.

Dougie has spent endless hours working very closely together with our team of engineers at the Factory,  intensively testing and refining the bike. This has enabled us to build the most responsive, agile, smooth and refined DL Replica to date. The bike is a true replica in every sense as all of Dougie’s own personal preferences in frame & suspension geometry, power delivery & map settings, have been incorporated into this latest model. As well as all of these personal settings the bike is loaded with a wealth of high-end racing components. 

The new Tech Factory spec forks in combination with the multi adjustable 3 way Reiger rear shock provide extremely smooth and responsive feedback to the rider, whilst also allowing any rider to further fine tune their suspension set up depending on their individual riding style. 

The new for 2020 airbox is a complete new design which helps to greatly increase engine performance. It is also much more rigid and slimmer than the previous model, giving the bike a leaner and more aggressive look. Also new for 2020 is the intercooler which helps keep the engine at it’s optimum operating temperature. Dougie’s personal preference in terms of throttle body and 366g flywheel weight ensure an extremely smooth and controllable power delivery. 

The Titanium exhaust is another signature feature to this model. And of course, the Renthal bars have always been Dougie’s own personal choice of handle bar. 

A two position mapping switch now incorporated into the airbox allows the rider to easily & instantly switch between Dougie’s two most versatile personal maps. 

The machined, red anodised wheel rim, with black anodised billet hubs & triple clamps give the bike a distinctive racing look and set it aside from other models. 

Whilst the carbon-fibre engine case guards, as well as protecting vulnerable parts of the engine help to add to the factory look of this bike. 

The frame benefits from reinforcement to key areas and is finished in a classy black finish. 

The new white, red, black, and green graphics give a fresh and unique look to the bike whilst at the same time keeping true to Vertigo Motors traditionally colour scheme. 

You will also find Dougie’s personal logo in many areas of the bike with his own signature prominently displayed on the new airbox. And SSDT victories on the rear mudguard. 

And to finish off and leave no one in doubt as to who’s replica bike this is, each Dougie Lampkin Replica will come with its own Limited Edition engraved metal plate. 

The Vertigo Factory will produce only 75 exclusive units for World Wide distribution. Therefore this model is a true Limited Edition bike, which only a few lucky people world wide will have the chance of owning.


  • New airbox & Twin Air filter: Complete redesign of the airbox helps to greatly increase engine performance. 
  • DL throttle body: Dougie’s personal choice gives an extremely smooth & precise throttle response. 
  • New Titanium exhaust: Helps increase engine performance & response & saves 235g over standard. 
  • Flywheel weight kit 366g: Allows the power delivery of the bike to be even smoother & more controlled, helping to optimise drive and traction. 
  • Carbon fibre engine case guards: Added protection for the engine cases, whilst adding to the overall racing look of the bike. 
  • Intercooler in anodised red finish: Helps to keep the engine running at it’s optimum temperature. 
  • New 2020 DL Replica spec mapping: Together with other engine upgrades provides +4hp & 10% more torque. 
  • New location of mapping switch: Now incorporated into the airbox cover. This allows the rider to switch between maps with ease. 
  • Tech Factory spec forks: Give maximum precision and responsive feedback to the rider. 
  • Reiger 3 way rear shock: Provides smooth & controlled suspension travel, as well as improved traction & stability. 
  • Vertigo Design Footpegs: In anodised black with non-slip steel pins. 
  • Red anodised clutch and brake adjusters: Allow instant fine tuning of your controls.
  • Throttle cable adjuster: Fine tune your throttle at the handlebar. 
  • Lanyard type kill switch: Competition ‘ready to race’ feature. 
  • Ultra light, billet machined, triple Clamps: In anodised black finish.  Renthal Handle bars, grips & bar pad. 
  • New Design Skidplate: In Anodised black. 
  • Vertigo Billet Machined Factory Hubs: In anodised black finish. 
  • Factory spec machined rear wheel rim: In anodised red finish.
  • FIM spec rear disk brake: Competition ‘ready to race’ feature.
  • New graphics & chassis colour scheme: Give a classy new look to this model. 
  • Weight 67.7kg


Vertigo Motors regrets to inform that the company has been forced to close it’s doors for business following a statement from the Spanish government. The statement is an order for all non-essential workers to stay at home for the next two weeks in an effort to halt the spread of the coronavirus and relieve pressure on the country’s overstretched hospitals.

Vertigo Motos, unfortunately are therefore unable to operate in any capacity & as a result all services including production, after sales & technical support are suspended.

We hope to be back to normal operations provisionally on the 14th of April. However we will keep you informed of any alterations to this date.

Vertigo motors would like to send it’s very best wishes to all of it’s customers & the entire Trials community at this extremely difficult time. We would also like to sincerely thank all the medical staff & professionals who are working tirelessly fighting this pandemic & saving lives world wide.


Vertigo motors would like to inform that, despite the exceptionally difficult circumstances being experienced currently world wide. The Vertigo Factory will remain open for business.

Production & delivery of new bikes as well as the after sales support & delivery of spare parts to our importers & dealers world wide will continue as normal,during March & the coming months.

Our new, provisional working hours will be 06h-14h, Monday to Friday.

All appropriate measures have been taken at the factory so as to ensure the well being of all the companies staff.

Vertigo motors would like to send their best wishes to all it’s customers & the entire Trials community World wide at this difficult time.


Vertigo is pleased to present the official video of our 2020 Factory Team. This exciting and dynamic young team will be managed by the 12 times World Champion and 12 times SSDT winner Dougie Lampkin, who continues at the helm of the team. 

Jaime Busto, Miquel Gelabert & Jack Price will take on the Premier Class of the TrialGP World Championship. Berta Abellán will contest this year’s TrialGP Woman’s Class, as the 2019 runner up, Berta aims to go one step better this year. 

In the Trial2 class Vertigo is pleased to present a new line-up with the signing of Aniol Gelabert and Hugo Dufrese, whilst keeping the young Italian talent Lorenzo Gandola. 

Finally, in the Trial125 category Vertigo fields two young talents as championship contenders in the form of the 2019 Youth European Champion, Pau Martinez who has been joined by the promising young Scottish rider, Ben Dignan for the 2020 season.


Following last week’s unveiling of the brand new 2020 Vertical R2, Vertigo is delighted to announce that thanks to an agreement the Racing Department has reached with Tech Suspensions, the first units of the R2 will be fitted with Tech Factory Spec forks. These are the same forks that Vertigo & all the brand’s top Factory riders are using in the FIM X-Trial and FIM Trial GP Championships.

With an already extensive list of high-performance components, the addition of these Factory Spec Tech Forks further consolidates the Vertigo R2’s position as the number one & only genuine R model on the market.


Vertigo Motors is proud to present the new, Limited Edition, 2020 Vertigo-Vertical-Model R2. This new Model R has been revised extensively both internally & externally. It is the direct evolution of it’s already hugely successful predecessor. This new model benefits from a full year of technical advancements & developments following feedback from our World Championship Factory Team. This ensures the new 2020 R model is even more refined and advanced than ever before. 
This new racing model is available in the entire Vertigo engine range 125, 200, 250, 280 and 300cc versions. Each of these versions have been subject to a meticulous testing & technical development by our engineers.
If you demand the ultimate in quality, advanced technology & performance. Then this in the bike for you!

2020 R2 Engine Key Features

  • New Airbox & Twin Air Filter: This complete redesign of the airbox helps to greatly increase engine performance. It is also much more rigid & slimmer than in previous models. Giving the bike a leaner & more aggressive look.
  • Racing Throttle Body: This gives a much faster and even more precise throttle response, throughout the rev range.
  • New Factory Exhaust: Helps increase engine performance & response.
  • Flywheel Weight Kit 366g: Allows the power delivery of the bike to be even smoother & more controlled, helping to optimise drive and traction in all conditions.
  • Carbon Fibre Engine Case Guards: Added protection for the engine cases, whilst adding to the overall racing look of the bike.
  • Intercooler In Anodised Red Finish: Helps to keep the engine running at it’s optimum temperature.
  • New 2020 R2 Spec Mapping: Together with other engine upgrades provides +4hp & 10% more torque.

2020 R2 Cycle Parts Key Features

  • New Location Of Mapping Switch: Which is now incorporated into the airbox cover. This allows the rider to switch between maps with ease.
  • Tech Racing Forks: Give maximum precision and responsive feedback to the rider.
  • Reiger 2 Way Rear Shock: Provides smooth & controlled suspension travel, as well as improved traction & stability in all conditions.
  • Vertigo Design Footpegs: In anodised red with non-slip steel pins.
  • Red Anodised Clutch & Brake Adjusters: Allow instant fine tuning of your controls.
  • Throttle Cable Adjuster: Fine tune your throttle at the handlebar.
  • Lanyard Type Kill Switch: Competition ‘ready to race’ feature.
  • Ultra Light, Billet Machined, Triple Clamps: In anodised black finish.
  • Renthal Handle bars & grips.
  • Vertigo Factory bar pad.
  • New Design Skidplate: In Anodised black.
  • Vertigo Billet Machined Factory Hubs: In anodised red finish.
  • Factory Spec Machined Rear Wheel Rim: In anodised black finish.
  • FIM Spec Rear Disk Brake: Competition ‘ready to race’ feature.
  • Dunlop GP Tyres.
  • Weight 68kg
  • New Matte Graphics & Chassis Colour Scheme: Give an aggressive new look to the bike, which compliments perfectly the classic Vertigo Factory green.

Photo gallery: LINK


The 5th round of the 2020 X-Trial World Championship was held this weekend at the Bizkaia Arena in Bilbao. Without Jaime Busto, whose absence was officially announced a few days before the event due to injury, the Vertigo team was able to compete with Miquel Gelabert, who again demonstrated his great level and perfect connection with Vertical 2020 in the difficult and demanding sections of the X-Trial.

Gelabert was placed in the 2nd heat. He started the trial with 3 marks after the first two sections, in the third, one of the toughest of round 1, he added a 5 to then bounce back and make it through section 4 only leaving 2 marks. There was a tight battle between many riders arriving to the last section, which would eventually determine who was advancing to the semifinals. Gelabert couldn’t make it happen, despite his efforts he dropped a 5 that left him with no 2nd round. Now Gelabert sits in 8th place of a Championship that remains very close in the intermediate zone, only 4 points separate him from 4th.

The X-Trial World Championship takes a break and does not come back until the 21st of March in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, which will be the penultimate round of the Championship.

Photo credit: X-Trial


Memorable weekend for the Vertigo family. The Vertigo Experience Day was a huge success with around a hundred attendees making the trip to the Puig Francó Hotel and the Noassar Trial Area to enjoy a truly trials experience. The weather was simply perfect, with the sun braking through as the day progressed and with a gastronomic offer that delighted everyone, with the typical “calçots” and a roast beef that delighted the most demanding palates.

A large representation of international importers from countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Great Britain, Ireland or Italy were able to enjoy the area either on the bike or as spectators at sections especially designed for the occasion, in which the Factory riders showcased all their skills. Saturday was only the icing on the cake for the international representatives of Vertigo, the previous two days they had already been at the Factory receiving guided tours through the building and receiving technical talks on the current models of the brand.

Jaime Busto, Miquel Gelabert, Jack Price, Berta Abellán, Aniol Gelabert, Lorenzo Gandola, Hugo Dufrese, Pau Martínez and Ben Dignan, 2020 Vertigo’s World Championship riders commanded by team manager Dougie Lampkin, demonstrated all their qualities under the watchful eye of the importers, sharing sections with all customers of the brand and those international representatives who had the opportunity to swing their leg over one of the 2020 Verticals available for the occasion, to which they had access in turns.

The event presented an exquisite symbiosis between trial, gastronomy and leisure, which resulted in a high grade of satisfaction of all those who came to the Puig Francó Hotel, which featured its best finery with the sun exalting its unique views and surroundings.

As if that wasn’t enough, on Sunday many of the attendees also made it to the Palau Sant Jordi to follow live Jaime Busto and Miquel Gelabert at the Barcelona X-Trial, ​​the best indoor event worldwide that was held again in a crowded Palau Sant Jordi. It was a very special event for Vertigo as the brand had its own section, which in fact, turned out to be one of the most technical and difficult of the night. In terms of results Miquel Gelabert was 7th, he left moments of brilliance but X-Trial doesn’t admit any kind of mistake and with 19 marks he didn’t advance to the 2nd round. Jaime Busto was very close to sneaking into the fight for the Top 3, he was just one point away from qualifying for the Runners-up final, he was 5th but keeps to his name the 3rd spot of the standings with only 3 rounds remaining.

Four days packed of activities that leave a pretty positive outcome and confirms the great moment Vertigo is currently going through. The brand would like to thank everyone who joined any of the events that took place during these days and wants to express its intention to repeat formula in the near future.

Full gallery of the Vertigo Experience Day will be uploaded on Vertigo social media.


The X-Trial World Championship celebrated its 3rd round of the season this weekend in Budapest, Hungary. Jaime Busto and Miquel Gelabert, 3rd and 4th in the Championship standings coming to this event, were expecting to battle again for the podium spots after proving their true potential on the Vertical 2020 in the previous events. The night didn’t go to plan though, with both talents struggling on a very technical and non-grippy sections.

Jaime Busto couldn’t match his previous performances, in which he was able to get into the mix for the podium spots. Heat 1 went well for him, 11 marks meant he scored the 3rd lowest punctuation of the first round but when in semifinals, despite he pushed hard and tried to overcome the adversities from a tricky beginning he ended up with 25 marks and with a 6th place finish. This result allows him to keep the third place of the standings though, now leading the fight for the last spot of the Top3 by only 1 point over Fajardo and 2 over teammate Gelabert.

Photo: X-Trial

Miquel Gelabert couldn’t make it to the semifinals. He had his opportunity in the opening heat, he improved section after section, but three consecutive maximums in the first trio of hazards were too much to recover despite his efforts and a 1 and a 0 in sections 4 and 5. He came home with 16 marks and with a 7th place.

Photo: X-Trial

Next event of the X-Trial World Championship will be the iconic Barcelona Indoor Trial in two weeks time, the 2nd of February, which will be a great opportunity for Busto and Gelabert to bounce back in front of their home crowd.


After what has been an exciting off season with many big announcements regarding Vertigo’s Factory Team line up, the green brand would like to invite all its clients to the official presentation of the 2020 team, with all the factory riders attending the event together with Vertigo’s national squads from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Denmark, Japan, USA and many others.

The event will kickstart with a free breakfast for all the attendees. It will then continue with an exhibition by Vertigo Factory’s Jaime Busto, the Gelabert brothers, Berta Abellán, Lorenzo Gandola, Hugo Dufrese and Pau Martínez. There will be some other surprises to be revealed on the day!

Twelve times World Champion and Vertigo ambassador Dougie Lampkin won’t miss the event either.

The event is open to all Vertigo clients. Those who come with their own bikes will have the chance to enjoy a small route around the Noassar Area and the Hotel Puig Francó, but also to any trial fan with or without their own bike, they will also have access to the facility and although they won’t be allowed to ride, they are invited to come and watch how our riders take on impressive hazards in the exhibition area.

All the activity will be based very close to the Hotel Puig Francó, in fact, the exhibition area will be set right where the TrialGP training area was placed during the World Championship events of 2017 and 2018, which is only a 5 minutes walk from the hotel. There will be some special gifts for everyone, even a raffle, which will allow 4 lucky winners the chance to attend the X-Trial of Barcelona taking place the very next day, 2nd of February, at the Palau Sant Jordi where Vertigo will have Jaime Busto and Miquel Gelabert in action fighting for the podium.

For more information and reservations you can contact the Hotel Puig Francó: +34 972 740 971 (hotel) or +34 972 740 023 (restaurant), or send an e-mail instead to: