The TrialGP World Championship came back to Europe after it visited Japan two weeks ago to hold one of the most popular rounds in the calendar.  Jorge Casales, who has begun the series in a pretty consistent way was heading to Andorra with the aim to keep earning good results, while on the other side, Matteo Poli was coming back to the Trial2 class aboard the Vandal as he missed the Japanese round.

On the opening day of competition, the Qualifying Section saw small differences between the premier class riders and Casales had to settle for 9th. On Sunday, the official Vertigo Factory rider proved with a solid performance his great shape by taking 6th place. The two laps went pretty much the same for the Spaniard, as on the opening one got 24 marks and on lap 2 he left 22. With this result Casales remains in the mix with the top riders in the general standings. He sits in 6th place only 4 points behind the Top5.

Matteo Poli also experienced a successful TrialGP Andorra. The always competitive Trial2 class demands to stay focused and ride as solid as possible to keep the chances of getting a good result alive during the race. Poli did just that, and on both laps he finished with 10 marks. His second lap was particularly impressive, as he was able to clean 13 out of the 15 sections. He ended in a positive 6th place, only 1 point away from the Top5, a result which means an important improvement from Camprodon, where he finished in 13th place.

With no time to rest, the TrialGP World Championship leaves Andorra and heads to Portugal, where this week is gonna take place the 4th round of the series.




Second round of the European Championship took place near Kreszowice, in Poland. The race was set in two days of competition, so both Saturday and Sunday were important to earn good Championship points. After winning in style the opening round in Castellolí (Spain) back in April, Berta Abellán landed on Polish soil as the points leader and in a great shape, specially after claiming another important victory at the last round of the Spanish Series.

Day 1 couldn’t start any better for Abellán, as she quickly discouraged her rivals by storming through the first set of sections to deliver only 5 marks. Trentini (Montesa) and Hakonsen (TRS), the first one with 10 marks and the second one with 15, were far away from Vertigo’s factory rider, who impressed everyone with such an early performance. On lap 2 Abellán would stay focused, and with anotherbrilliant ride she secured her second victory of the season as he only left 6 more marks for a total of11.

With the boost of confidence coming from her victory on the opening day, Abellán showed again on Sunday why she currently holds the Championship lead. She finished 2nd, 1 point away from the victory after a tight battle against Bäuml (Montesa). After all, this was either a great result for the Championship, as Abellán leaves Poland having widened her distance ahead of the field. Now, the European Series take a breath to come back in August. Next goal for Abellán is the TrialGP Women Championship, which begins this coming weekend in Japan.




Fort William held a new edition of the Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT), in this occasion, clearly marked by an adverse weather from the very beginning with rain, cold and mud making an important impact during the race to give some extra point of epic in the already most demanding race within the trials calendar. Amongst all the Vertigo riders headed to the Scottish Highlands there was a name highlighting over all the others, Dougie Lampkin, the already record-holder of 11 victories at the SSDT, who was clearly looking forward to getting his 12th victory.

Despite the pouring rain, the crowd didn’t want to miss any of the action and attended massively the opening day sections. The competition kicked off with Dougie Lampkin leaving one mark by the end of the day, which dropped him to 7th place of the general standings as a group of 6 riders were able to remain feet up throughout the first 32 sections of the week.

On Day 2 Lampkin had a clean ride and remained faultless, keeping the distances between himself and James Dabill (Beta) pretty tight and being able to reach 2nd place of the standings before day 3. Things changed dramatically in the half-way stage, when Lampkin was forced to fight against several tough situations. His determination led him reach the finish line with a total of 3 marks, which meant he was also three marks behind Dabill, who was carrying only one.

Great Champions are considered so for a reason, and Lampkin showed why he is one of the best trials riders of whole times. Without loosing his cool, the 12 Times World Championpushed really hard during day 4, when he was able to shorten the gap Dabill was holding to only 2 marks. At the helm of his Lampkin Replica, Vertigo’s developer and ambassadorwas sitting in 2nd place, and was ready to make the final assault to the victory heading to the last two days of competition.

On the penultimate day, even though it was the early one for Lampkin, he would only left 1 single dab,while Dabill would replicate that punctuation to arrive to the last show down with two points separating both riders. This is what makes this race so unique, as after 5 days of intense competition, the fight for the top step of the podium was still open. Knowing he had to give his best to keep his victory chances alive, Lampkin displayed all his skills and talent aboard the Lampkin Replica to materialize a brilliant performance that would eventually bring him his 12th victory at the SSDT. It was a master class fromLampkin, who ended day 6 with 1 only mark, enough to pass Dabill and become SSDT’s 2018 edition winner.

This is a victory that not only confirms Lampkin as the king of the SSDT, but also to extend theamazing Vertigo’s winning streak to 4 victories, all of them taken year by year since brand’s first appearance back in 2014. The team built by Vertigo and Dougie Lampkin have proved again its credentials, and confirms itself as one of the most successful tandem within the trial industry.Something to be proud of too is the fact that all the 15 international Vertigo riders made their way to the finish line, which is undoubtedly a great success that proves the reliability and quality of Vertigo’s current range of bikes.



Considered one of the most exclusive motorbikes within the trial industry, this premium model comes back with a group of improvements that leaves a unique bike, geared up with exclusive spare parts and components that really make the difference. The Titanium R 2018 will come in a limited edition, so it will be more exclusive than ever. After launching the brand new Combat Vertical 2018 earlier in August, Vertigo adds a new model that takes our brand into another level, featuring many components of the highest quality to build an unprecedented motorbike.

The Titanium R 2018 gives perfect reflection to one of the most important values for Vertigo: the innovation. This model gives great evidence of the willfullness the brand has for creating adifferentiated bike from all the others, applying to its conception own technology combined with solid and high performance spare parts. From all this borns into life a unique motorcycle, that offers a high standard bike for the most exigent trial lovers.



The International season has begun quite well for Berta Abellán, as the official Vertigo Factory rider got the victory on the first round of the 2018 European Championship, where she proved to be in a great shape by winning ahead of a competitive roster of international riders.

With some extra motivation coming from the fact that she was racing on home soil, Abellán started the day as a podium contender. Very solid from the beginning, she wisely managed the race, and started to pull clear at the top of the standings before ending lap 1, which she ended with 7 marks, 2 less than Teresa Bäuml (Montesa), the only one that actually was able to hold the pace set by Abellán.

The 2nd lap was still better for her, as she was able to improve her punctuation to leave a target with only 5 marks. Bäuml repeated with 9, so Abellán widened the gap at the top of the field to secure abrilliant victory in Castellolí. Bäuml ended 6 points behind Vertigo’s factory rider, while Trentini, who was 3rd, finished 12 marks away from Abellán.

With no doubt this was an impressive start of the European season for Vertigo and Abellán, while proving both the bike and the rider have reached a promising point of connection. This was also aprestigious victory that means an important boost of confidence towards next events. In fact, next week Abellán will be alongside with all the Vertigo Official Team to take part on the 2nd round of the Spanish Championship, which will be held in Singüenza.

In Castellolí Vertigo had 2 more riders in competition. Vertigo Junior Factory team member Axel de la Mata was 15th in the Junior class, while Angelo Piu ended 7th in the Over 40 class.




This new model follows the main Vertigo values, which are design and innovation, but this time, introducing all the experience and wisdom from Dougie Lampkin’s successful career, who currently is the ambassador and developer for the brand and 12 World Champion, plus record holder of 11 victories in the SSDT. The Dougie Lampkin Replica will be produced in a limited edition of 150 units for whole world.

To know which bike settings are used by the greatest trial riders is something that a lot of lovers from this sport desire to know. In this occasion, Vertigo is bringing them a bike with the same patterns used by Dougie Lampkin in the SSDT, the same ones that have given him so many victories in the last few years. Nobody knows better how to set up a bike than one of the most successful riders in trials history, so this Lampkin Replica not only shines for its appearance, but also because it has the heart of a true champion inside.


– 150 Units limited edition worlwide

– Tubular frame in aluminium 15CDV6

– Engine and clutch covers in injection in order to reduce the total weight.

– Front fork Tech Alu in gold.

– New injection map with double map switch.

– Adjustable fork clamps and new steering geometry.

– Reiger shock absorber

– New lateral protector

– New Dougie Lampkin decoration – 12 Times World Champion

– Renthal Handlebar, handlebar protector, grips

– Special “power parts” combination manufactured in aluminium by CNC in anonized beige: clamps, footpegs, cylinder head cover, semishaft dumper, rear chainwheel, levers adjustment kit, pump brake cover and clutch cover

– Mechanized rear rim with X-Light tyres

– Combination of ultimate generation brakes with anonized beige covers limited edition

– FIM Homologated rear brake disc

– Magnetic kill switch

– New radiator protector

– New skid plate

– Titanium exhaust Dougie Lampkin Replica


The year has started quite intense for the Vertigo family. Being the creation of the Junior Factory Team announced at the end of 2017, it was finally time to present its first French riders. Taking advantage of the weekend Vertigo also celebrated the 1st Vertigo Customer’s Trial, which was attended nearly by 70 riders, who had the opportunity to enjoy a great morning of trials riding constituted by an 8 sections trial. 

On Saturday, the 5 French riders that became the first members of the newly created Vertigo Junior Factory Team, received their customized kits. They will wear Clice gear, a Vertigo helmet by Mots, and boots provided by Gaerne. Their names are Allegre Aurepen, Axel de la Mata, Fabien Menard and Theo Lairis. They all compete in the French Championship.

Still on Saturday, we lived a great day of training alongside with the official Vertigo riders, with our Team Manager Dougie Lampkin having a close look to the developments of Jorge Casales, Arnau Farré and Berta Abellán. The perfect weather left great terrain conditions at the Noassar Trial Area. We also spotted two Crossbow Riders sharing some training. Their names are Marti Russinyol and Guillem Oliver, both young and talented riders that are set make a great season in their respective classes. Joan Torres wasn’t able to attend the presentation due to a febrile process.

In addition, the Crossbow Bullet also had its opportunity to shine. Everyone who was able to test it gave a pretty positive feedback, which means that its development is going in the right way. The Vertigo Mini Vandal also rode its first kilometres thanks to the youngest riders.

The following day it was time for Vertigo’s customers to step in. Nearly 70 trial lovers came to the Hotel Puig Francó to take part in the 1st Vertigo Experience, an action that was born with the aim to enjoy trials riding in a unique background, offering to those who place their trust in our bikes a phenomenal experience aboard their Vertigos.

To warm up before starting the trial, sandwiches and drinks were offered to all the registered riders, and after taking the family photo, the 1st Vertigo Experience finally kicked off. The official Vertigo riders as well as the Junior Factory Team members also took part in this feast.

The feedback received was very positive, which reinforced Vertigo’s intentions to celebrate new editions, and hopefully, see the green Vertigo family growing even more.


Next 27th of January Vertigo will launch its new academy for young riders, the Junior Factory Team.Using the unique facilities of Hotel Puig Francó and Noassar Trial Area, the new members of this program will receive their personalized kits, go through an official photoshoot and experience a test day alongside with Dougie Lampkin, Vertigo’s brand ambassador and manager of the academy, as well as with the official Vertigo factory riders Jorge Casales, Arnau Farré and Berta Abellán.

On Sunday the 28th, it will be the turn of Vertigo’s customers. With the intention to offer a great day of trials riding in a breathtaking spot, which will host both TrialGP and Spanish Championship rounds this year, the Vertigo staff will prepare a 12 sections trial, with riders having to face each one two times.Breakfast will be included for all riders.


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Vertigo puts a great end to 2017 by reinforcing its official line-up for next season. Following the bet on youth and talent, the green brand has signed one of the most promising riders of the TrialGP Women series. Berta Abellán, the reigning Spanish Champion and ranked 4th in the 2017 TrialGP Women, will swing her leg over the Vertigo Combat Vertical to be part of Vertigo’s factory team alongside with Jorge Casales and Arnau Farré.

She has experienced a meteoric progression since her runner-up finish in the Women’s B class of the Spanish Championship back in 2012, as 5 seasons later, she is carrying 2 Spanish Championships in the premier class, two 4th places in the TrialGP Women series and a prize as the Rookie of the year earlier in 2014. Just turned 18, Abellán also has three participations in the prestigious Trial des Nationswith Team Spain, with who claimed the victory in its last edition.

In 2018 she will receive direct help from the factory, and will have at her disposal all the elements needed to fight for Top results in all the competitions. Make it into the podium of the TrialGP Women class will be her main goal, as she has already been on the box in this season’s TrialGP USA.

With her addition, Vertigo consolidates itself as a brand that is fully committed to giving opportunities to the young riders, with the main idea to offer a quality structure in order to help them to keep on learning and improving their results in the most demanding competitions of trials racing.




Having been an integral part of the Vertigo project since its initial inception, forty-one-year-old Lampkin has played an important role in terms of development and establishing the brand throughout the World over the last four years, with his own status and values not to mention his achievements creating the foundations for what has already been a highly successful start to the Vertigo story.

The former twelve times FIM Trial World Champion has continued to show his ability on the sporting stage in more recent years with a hat-trick of victories at the famous Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT) aboard the now well proven Vertigo Combat model. Dougie gave the Combat a dream debut back in 2015 when he took his win for Vertigo on the then prototype machine before confirming both his and the bike’s absolute pedigree and reliability with successive follow up victories in 2016 and then again earlier this year.

Using his many years of experience Dougie recorded an historic and memorable double during 2017 as he captured not only the SSDT for a third time in a row, his eleventh in total, but also won the famous Scott Time and Observation Trial in the same year – a feat that has only been achieved by an elite few over the hundred plus year history of both events.

Whilst this year may have been Dougie’s most successful season in terms of competition since joining Vertigo, 2016 sawthelongest servingOver the next two years, as well as continuing his development work across

Red Bull UK athlete complete one of the biggest achievements of his long and decorated career. When Lampkin became the first rider to successfully wheelie the entire thirty-seven miles of the iconic Isle of Man mountain TT course on board a heavily modified and adapted Vertigo Combat – this great feat being captured live on TV. theever increasing Vertigo range, Dougie will also extend his role as brand ambassador, and attend World Championship events as SportTeam Manager in order to support the new line up of factory riders. Additionally, Lampkin will continue to compete in selected classic events including the SSDT and Scott whilst also taking care of his own Vertigo UK company.

Commenting on the new two-year agreement Dougie explained. “I think it goes without saying, that I am very happy to have signed for another two years with Vertigo. Over the lastfouryears we have enjoyed a close and successful relationship in many different ways, including developing the bike, building the brand and winning the odd Trial too.”

With a smile on his face Lampkin ended by saying. “I am very much looking forward to the next two years and beyond, when I am sure we will continue to work in the same way and achieve more success together, including a couple more Scottish wins hopefully.”