Just a week after round 3 of the TrialGP World Championship, the series celebrated their 5th points-paying round of the season (Japan held two days of competition) in Belgium. The venue also hosted the official launch of the brand new Vertigo Dougie Lampkin Replica, with Lampkin himself attending an event that went live worldwide thanks to the Jitsie crew.

Competition started as usual on Saturday with the Qualification Sessions. Vertigo’s Jaime Busto and Jorge Casales proved yet again to be in great shape with strong 3rd and 6th place finishes. The two were coming from a great weekend in the Netherlands, so they were looking forward to replicating that impressive performance in Belgium.

When on Sunday, race went slightly different for the Vertigo talented pairing. It was Casales who got a better opening lap, as 33 marks led him sit in 3rd place in the provisional race standings. Busto struggled a bit more, but with a punctuation of 47 still had options to reach podium positions heading into lap 2. In this second run Busto felt more comfortable, he was able to improve his riding and that meant a punctuation drop to only 27 after an incredible straight of cleans in the second half of the lap. He ended up with 74, which turned 78 after he penalized 4 extra points due to time. That would put him in 5th place, only 5 points behind the third place. Casales couldn’t replicate his excellent first lap. On the second one 45 marks took away his podium chances and with a total of 82, had to settle for 6th.

In the Trial2 class Lorenzo Gandola didn’t make himself any favour on Saturday by finishing in 27th place the Qualification Session. On Sunday he struggled in both laps and finished 14th. David Avendaño neither enjoyed an easy trial, was the first Trial2 rider to go through the Belgian sections and finished 28th. Pau Martínez had to content with a 6th place in Trial125.

Next race of the TrialGP World Championship will take place the 13-14 of July in Portugal.

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