One week after being crowned Spanish TR1 Champion, Jaime Busto closed the 2021 season brilliantly at the Barcelona X-Trial, ​​the last scoring event for the 2021 Indoor World Championship, with a tight 4th place that gave him the 3rd spot in Championship standings to wrap-up a spectacular year at the helm of Nitro, with which he had already achieved 3rd place in the TrialGP series. Berta Abellán completed a fantastic night for Vertigo taking second in the first Women’s Indoor Trial in history.

The Palau Sant Jordi witnessed Jaime Busto’s impressive form. The Spaniard put in an impressive display of confidence and technique in the opening lap posting the best score with only 2 marks, 4 less than Toni Bou and 6 ahead of Raga. In the second round he couldn’t quite keep up the pace and finished just one point shy from entering the final with a score of 13. After a close fight against Raga for 3rd he finally had to content with 4th.

Photos: R.Rovira Media

Barcelona made history yesterday by holding the first ever Women’s Indoor Trial in history. Berta Abellán didn’t crack under the pressure of a packed Palau Sant Jordi Stadium and put in a sensational performance on the day she was debuting on the 2022 Nitro. She only left 1 mark throughout the 4 section course and only Emma Bristow was able to beat her with a feet-up outing.

Vertigo thus ends an exceptional and intense season, in which the emergence of the new Nitro in September has played a key role for Jaime Busto to achieve third place in the World Outdoor and Indoor Championships with a total of 6 podiums between both disciplines, while the new Vertigo model helped Berta Abellán on her way to 2nd place in the Women’s Trophy in Barcelona.


Jaime Busto made history for Vertigo this weekend at the last round of the 2021 Spanish Championship. The Spaniard was crowned 2021 Champion after a sensational season in which he has recorded more GP wins than anybody else, three including the one from this weekend in Aitona, and finishing no less than 2nd throughout the season to eventually wrap-up the Championship 15 points ahead of runner-up Miquel Gelabert.

At the helm of the 2022 Nitro, Busto did not feel any pressure as he started off the day recording the best score of the opening lap, only 4 points plus 1 per time. In the second it would be 6 plus 2, leaving him with 13 penalties at the end of the day, 3 less than second placed Adam Raga. This victory plus the title achieved, the first for Vertigo in the premier class of the Spanish Championship, represents the culmination of a fantastic second half of the season by Jaime Busto and the 2022 Nitro, with which the Spanish young gun has been able to unleash all his potential by getting on the podium in all the races he has participated in since the end of August, including the last five rounds of the TrialGP World Championship, the two of the Spanish series and the first of the X-Trial.

Apart from winning the 2021 title, Vertigo celebrated more success in Aitona with four podium results thanks to Pau Martínez, 2nd in TR2, Nil Riera, who claimed the Cadet 125cc title with his fourth win of the season, Joan Miquel Garcia with a 2nd in Cadet and Dani Comas winning in TR4.


Jaime Busto and the 2022 Nitro continue their podium tally in the international scene with another Top 3 performance at the opening round of the 2021 X-Trial World Championship, which took place this weekend in Andorra and where Busto delivered yet another outstanding performance to clinch 3rd place.

Busto didn’t feel the absence of the X-Trial World Championship on the racing program last season. Aboard the 2022 Nitro he immediately found the flow and confidence to put in the 2nd best score of round 1 with 7 marks, three shy from Italian Grattarola. In the 2nd round he would eventually end up with the same punctuation as in the previous outing, this is 7 marks and this time 3rd best only 2 marks away from earning access to the final. In the play-off for 3rd and 4th, Busto beat Grattarola by being able to go clean in the tie-break section after both riders had remained feet-up in section 1.

Really positive start to the indoor campaign for Jaime Busto and Vertigo considering the short calendar the 2021 X-Trial features. Next and last stop will be the iconic Barcelona event at the Palau Sant Jordi, set to take place the 21st of November.