Vertigo Motors is pleased to announce that 2018, 2019, and 2020 TrialGP Women runner-up Berta Abellán, will continue to compete in green machinery through to 2021. Berta plays a key role within the Vertigo family, not only for her impressive results in competition, but also for her involvement with the project since she joined the Vertigo family back in 2018.

There is no doubt Berta is amongst the top athletes of the sport, which is proven by her three consecutive TrialGP Women runner-up finishes over the last three years and her already impressive record book, where we can find several National Championships, a TdN title with Team Spain and the 2018 European Championship despite being only 21 years old. Always eager for more while getting one step closer every year, Abellán will keep up her quest for a World Championship title next season.

In 2021, a part from the TrialGP Women World Championship, Abellán will also focus in the Spanish National Series.

Berta Abellán: “I’m really happy to announce my contract extension with Vertigo, a brand that fully supports me! I would like to thank them for giving me another chance in 2021. I’m already eager to compete again and give my 100%!


The reigning Trial125 World Champion Pau Martínez and Vertigo are looking forward to continuing their successful partnership as both parts have agreed to extend the Spaniard’s contract with a new two-year deal, which will see Martinez moving up to the Trial2 category in 2021.

Since joining the Vertigo project in 2019, Martínez has already become one of the most successful riders in the brand’s history by giving the manufacturer three Championships in only two years. With his eyes set on continuing his impressive progression, Martínez is ready to take on a new challenge in 2021 as he will team up with Vertigo Factory teammate Hugo Dufrese in the Trial2 class.

On Spanish soil, Martínez will compete in the TR2 National Championship after getting a phenomenal 3rd place in what has been his rookie year in the class.

Pau Martínez: “Stoked to continue with Vertigo for the next two seasons! I look forward to winning more titles with the brand as we did this year with the Trial125 World Championship added to the 2019 European Championship and the Junior Spanish Championship. I would like to thank Manel Jané and the whole team for their support and for believing in me”.


Vertigo is delighted to announce that young prospect Ben Dignan will remain as part of the Factory Team in 2021. After delivering an outstanding run of results this season, the Scotsman will enter the upcoming campaign as one of the top Trial125 World Championship contenders, while as a Vertigo Motors UK rider, he will also focus on the British National Championship.

Dignan has quite surprised everyone in the TrialGP paddock with his impressive and solid results in the Trial125 class. From merely entering the Top 10 on the opening day of competition in France, his progression was nothing short but amazing throughout the year, which saw him on the podium three times including his maiden victory on a World Championship event in Andorra day 2.

Ben Dignan: “Estoy muy contento de haber firmado por otra temporada con Vertigo y realmente estoy deseando empezar a trabajar de nuevo con Dougie y el equipo. La temporada 2020 fue memorable para mí y no puedo esperar más para empezar 2021!


Vertigo Motors is proud to present the new, Limited Edition, 2021 TITANIUM Busto Replica. Available in 250 & 300cc this new TITANIUM Replica model has been created to celebrate the great achievements of the Spanish talent throughout the 2020 season with a total of four podiums and an impressive third place in the overall standings, which is by far, the best results for Vertigo in the premier class since the green brand entered the World Championship. 

For 2021 the TITANIUM model keeps it’s throne as the lightest and most exclusive production trials bike on the planet. This is in part thanks to its spectacular multitubular design TITANIUM frame which weighs in at a super-light 2.1kgs only, And which many describe as a work of art. This frame together with other Titanium components help to contribute to the overall, ultra lightweight 65kgs total of this bike.

As with every TITANIUM model each bike also comes fitted with the WIFICOM system. This allows the owner the option to connect any mobile phone to the GET ECU and adjust the engine settings instantly and while out riding. This is an absolutely unique production feature to this Vertigo model, and indeed any production trials bike from any other brand.

This new TITANIUM model is also fitted with the black, with gold details, Tech Factory spec front forks in combination with the multi adjustable 3 way Reiger rear shock.

These suspension units provide extremely smooth and responsive feedback to the rider, whilst also allowing any rider to further fine tune their suspension set up depending on their individual riding style.

The TITANIUM exhaust on this model is engraved with Jaime’s personal logo and the silencer has a striking matt black finish which help set it aside from other models in the Vertigo range.

The airbox is again the new design carried over from the Busto Replica model which helps to greatly increase engine performance.

A new high compression cylinder head (300cc model only) together with a carbon-fibre admission tube, unique to the Busto models, and the Vertigo intercooler, also help to contribute to the extremely high performance of this model.

Whilst the carbon-fibre engine case guards, as well as protecting vulnerable parts of the engine help to add to the factory look of this bike. 

The Renthal bars, anodised in black on this model, have always been Jaime’s own personal choice of handle bar. They are clamped to the all new billet machined, ultra lightweight triple clamps, which themselves are also finished in anodised black and again unique to the Busto models.

The TITANIUM model also has hand crafted TITANIUM footrests by Raptor UK. These footrests have been developed especially for Vertigo giving a unique riding position as preferred by Busto himself.  In addition each set of footrests are laser etched with the Limited Edition number of each bike, so as to match the engraved Limited Edition plate which also adorns each one of these very special bikes.

The new textured red, white, black and green graphics give a very youthful and aggressive look to the bike. Which is of course very fitting to Jaime’s own personal character.  You will also find Jaime’s signature prominently displayed on the airbox cover. 

The Vertigo Factory will produce only 20 exclusive units for World Wide distribution. Therefore this model is a truly extremely Limited Edition bike, which only a very few lucky people world wide will have the chance of owning.