Vertigo Factory riders proved over the weekend they continue in top form as they got to the podium of some of the most competitive National Championships. In Spain, Jaime Busto delivered two outstanding performances in Ripoll, specially on day 1, in which the Spaniard clinched an impressive victory over Raga and Casales. On day 2 he battled again for the top spot to finally record another podium finish with a third place.

The current Trial125 World Championship leader Pau Martínez left Ripoll with a pair of great third places in the TR2 class, while Berta Abellán won the Women A class on both days and grabbed two Top 10 finishes in TR3, 9th on day 1 and 8th on day 2.

In France Hugo Dufrese stepped on the podium for the third time this year in the premier class with yet another second place finish. Despite the trial being held in heavy weather conditions, the youngster managed to hang on to that second spot despite receiving the pressure from TrialGP rider Benoit Bincaz.

Timo Myöhänen wrapped-up his ninth National Championship in Finland, the fifth one on a Vertigo after completing another dominant season in the series. Lorenzo Gandola fought hard to get to the Italian Championship Top 3, the former Trial125 World Champion ended up 4th on day 1 just one mark away from the third place. On Sunday a big crash on section 8 costed him valuable points, but was able to bounce back to finally round out the Top 5.

Vertigo Factory riders will continue their training programs with their eyes set on the 2020 TrialGP World Championship showdown set to take place in Italy in two weeks time.


Vertigo Motors would like to welcome Pro US rider Karl Davis to the Vertigo Family. Karl who is ranked as No.3 AMA/NATC Pro Rider, Has joined Team Vertigo USA with immediate effect & will compete in the full NATC in 2021 as well as the El Trial de España & other selected events.

James Duxbury, Vertigo Export Manager: We are delighted for Karl to join the Vertigo family. With his skills as well as passion & experience in Trials he is a great fit for the brand. I’m sure he will be a fantastic asset to the Vertigo USA Importers Lewisport in helping them achieve even greater things in this key market for the brand.

Lewisport USA: “Known for his dedication to trials, Davis is looking forward to travelling the country, providing instruction and helping grow the sport and the Vertigo brand in the US. We  couldn’t be happier to have him onboard as an ambassador.”


TrialGP Andorra, which marked the beginning of the second half of the TrialGP season, saw the Vertigo riders once again stand out by getting five new podiums to prove yet again the competitiveness of the R2 in the high altitude, just as they did in France in the opening round of the calendar.

In TrialGP Jaime Busto placed 6th on both days of competition. On day 1 the rain left slippery sections and grip very hard to find for all the riders. As the day progressed, conditions improved, and so did Busto’s scores, who after dropping 31 marks on the opening lap, was able to reduce that punctuation to 25 on lap 3 to finish the day just one point behind fifth and four behind fourth. On the second day, with three solid laps of 28, 23 and 26 marks he would eventually repeat his day 1 result. After the Andorra events Busto stays in a solid third spot in the general standings, now 15 points ahead of Casales.

Jack Price, who suffered a big crash at TrialGP Spain a week ago, was finally able to compete in Andorra. The Britt, who was not yet at 100%, was 11th the two point-paying days.

Berta Abellán earned her third consecutive runner-up finish in the TrialGP Women Championship. On Saturday she was third behind Sandra Gómez, with whom she was tied in points approaching to the Andorran events. That left her with no other option than finishing ahead of her country fellow on Sunday if she wanted to get back to that second place of the Championship. Abellán didn’t let the pressure affect her and with an excellent trial, she got herself up to the second step of the podium to secure another runner-up finish in the TrialGP World Championship since this was the last GP of the calendar for the women’s class.

The Trial125 riders were again especially inspired in Andorra. The R2 has established as the most competitive machine in the class, which has been proven by the Vertigo riders in each round of the series. On Saturday Pau Martínez finished second after putting in a late charge in the last lap, Ben Dignan would finish in sixth and Pau Dinarés would also manage to enter the Top 10, ninth. Sunday would be another exceptional day for Vertigo as Martinez would be second again, but this time he would be joined by his teammate Ben Dignan, who clinched his maiden victory in a World Championship event. The Scotsman won the trial thanks to an impressive last lap in which he only left 3 marks. That allowed him to finish with a total of 19, one less than Martínez.

Thanks to his double second place finish in Andorra, Pau Martínez extends his Championship lead over Guiraud, who is now 23 points behind the Spaniard. With his victory on Sunday Dignan rises to a sensational third place in the general standings.

In the Trial2 class Lorenzo Gandola got off to an excellent start that put him right in the mix for the top spots. However, a second lap with two fiascos in sections that he had previously cleaned, made him lose contact with the front to finish the day in 10th place. The rookie Hugo Dufrese was 12th. On Sunday the young French rider would post his best result so far in Trial2, finishing in an amazing seventh position thanks to a very worthy second part of the race and specially a great third lap, in which he left only 16 marks. Lorenzo Gandola would  round out the Top 10 again.

Now the TrialGP World Championship takes a breath after three back-to-back events to return to action for the series showdown in Italy the 10th and 11th of October.


The Vertigo Factory riders carried to Pobladura de las Regueras the great momentum they showcased at TrialGP France. Busto, Martínez, Dinarés, Dignan and Abellan collected a total of 7 podiums for the team.

Pobladura de las Regueras, Spain, hosted this weekend the third and fourth rounds of the 2020 TrialGP World Championship. The Vertigo Factory Team, which proved to be one of the most competitive squads in the opening round, once again placed its riders among the best in each class during the two point-paying days of competition.

In the premier class Jaime Busto continued the excellent level exhibited in France just a week ago. On Saturday the Spanish rider feasted on the podium again after completing a very solid trial, with three solid laps of 19, 15 and 15 marks aboard his R2 to finish in second place. On Sunday he struggled to match his previous performances and finished in 6th place. Two fiascos in sections 9 and 10 in the opening lap would eventually knock him out of the podium despite Busto’s improvement on the next two laps. From 28 marks on lap 1, he went to 19 and 21 on the next ones, but that turned out not to be enough to get inside the Top 3. The Spaniard still holds an excellent 3rd place in the Championship standings trailing Raga by just 4 points while he has a 22 point advantage over the fourth.

Jack Price had a big crash on Saturday but managed to finish 11th on both days.

Pau Martínez delivered yet another outstanding race weekend with the Vertical R2 125cc. He took another double victory to extend his lead in the Trial125 class in which he holds an impressive winning streak of 4 victories out of four rounds this season. On Saturday he dominated in style, 18 marks ahead of his teammate Pau Dinarés, while on Sunday, with the scores being slightly lower than on day 1, the fight for the victory lasted until the end with Martínez finally getting the win thanks to earning more cleans than Guiraud, who ended up second. Both finished with 7 marks. Martínez now leads by 20 points precisely over Guiraud, who as well sits in second in the general standings.

In Pobladura Martínez would be joined on the podium by the aforementioned Pau Dinarés on Saturday, who wrapped-up his maiden podium in the World Championship after completing an exceptional trial in 2nd place. On Sunday it would be another Vertigo rider, the Scotsman Ben Dignan, who would share the podium with Martínez in third place to certify the current dominance of Vertigo in the Trial125 class.

In Trial2 neither Lorenzo Gandola and the rookie Hugo Dufrese enjoyed an easy opening day. A first lap with too many marks dropped them down the leaderboard, and although they were able to improve on laps 2 and 3, the Italian finally had to settle with a 10th place and the Frenchman with a 16th position. On Sunday both would improve, with Gandola leading the trial at some points throughout the day and keeping himself in contention for the podium spots. Two consecutive fiascos in sections 4 and 5 made him lose ground in the closing stages of the trial though, so Gandola finally had to content with a 7th. Dufrese, feeling more comfortable on Sunday, was able to get a positive 10th position to confirm himself as the best rookie in the class.

Berta Abellán continues to collect podiums in the TrialGP Women class. The 2019 World Championship runner-up took her R2 to the third step of the podium both on Saturday and Sunday. On day 1, with 64 marks, she got two marks short from Sandra Gómez’s 62. On Sunday, despite showing greater consistency, she was unable to finally attack the second place. Abellán is also third overall in the Championship, tied with Gómez at 64 points.

The next TrialGP World Championship event arrives this weekend in Andorra with rounds 5 and 6 of the series.


Jaime Busto with an outstanding double two-place finish in TrialGP, Berta Abellán matching Busto’s results in TrialGP Women and Pau Martínez posting an impressive 1-1 in Trial125 gave Vertigo a total of 6 podiums in France.

The TrialGP World Championship finally went underway this weekend in Isola 2000, France, with a really positive outcome for the Vertigo Fractory Team, which took advantage of its very unique fuel injection bikes to adapt really well to the high altitude of the French ski station and grab a handful of podiums in what has been a really strong start to the season for the green squad.

Jaime Busto, who had won the 2 Days Camprodon Trial just a week ago proved to be in great shape in France with two outstanding performances at the helm of the Vertigo R2. The Spanish youngster wasted no time in showing his competitiveness over the French sections, and with a solid riding he always kept himself within Top 3 positions. His efforts paid off and Busto was able to step up onto the second box of the podium in both days of competition, the same spot he currently holds in the World Championship standings only 1 point behind the leader. Jack Price left Isola 2000 with a couple of Top 10 finishes, he ended up in 10th place on day 1 to improve on day 2 and reach a 9th.

In TrialGP Women Berta Abellán didn’t disappoint and kicked off the 2020 World Championship season where she eventually left it last year, which is on the podium with two second positions. The Spaniard produced similar stories throughout the two point-paying days as she bounced back from irregular beginnings to post the best lap of the class in the last run through the French sections both on Saturday and Sunday.

In Trial2 Lorenzo Gandola and Hugo Dufrese enjoyed a really positive opening day of competition grabbing the Italian a great 5th place and the French rider trailing his teammate in 6th place. On day 2 it would be Hugo Dufrese who got the best out of the two rounding out the Top 10, Gandola had to settle with a 12th position.

Finally, in the Trial125 class Pau Martinez took his Vertical R2 125cc to an amazing double victory to become the first Championship leader of the season. Martinez’s riding suffered no set backs during the whole weekend and first on Saturday, then on Sunday, he took the win without giving his competitors any chance to fight for the top spot. Day 1 he won by 8 marks of difference, day 2 the gap extended to 21. An outstanding start to the season for the Spanish young prospect and the Vertical R2 125cc, which just a year after its release proves to be a World Championship winning bike. Pau Dinarés took a good 6th place on Saturday and Scottish rider Ben Dignan also grabbed a couple of Top 10 results, he finished in 10th place on day 1, 8th on day 2.

With no time to rest the TrialGP World Championship heads now to Pobladura de las Regueras, Spain, for the second round of the series next weekend.