After an exciting start of the X-Trial 2020 World Championship for Vertigo last week, the indoor world series landed again in the European Continent this weekend to celebrate the second event of the calendar in Rennes, France. Jaime Busto and Miquel Gelabert arrived plenty of confidence after demonstrating a great level in the Reunion Island with their 3rd and 4th places, which put the two Vertical 2020 in competition within the Top 4.

In Rennes, the new Vertigo Factory signing for the next two seasons, Miquel Gelabert, confirmed his excellent start to the season with another sensational performance. He went through the opening heat with only 8 marks, this being the third best score in this first attempt through the French sections. In round 2 he would go up to 17, but he could qualify for the runner’s up final after placing second of his group. Gelabert performed really well yet again in this final round, it took two sections to decide who was taking the coveted third step of the podium with Gelabert finally having to settle with a 4th place finish, same result he got in the opening event.

Jaime Busto lived a night of contrasts in Rennes. He got his pass to the semifinals after scoring the second best punctuation of the initial round, but later, a fiasco in the last section of the semifinals ended up denying him the possibility of entering the fight for third and fourth place. He finished in 5th.

After the first two races of the Championship now Gelabert ties with Busto in the provisional standings, with Busto still holding third place thanks to his podium in the Reunion Island.

Now the X-Trial World Championship enters a small break until January 19, when Budapest will host the third round of the Championship.

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Vertigo Motors is delighted to present the 2020 Mini Vandal range of Trials bikes. These children’s trials bikes have been developed by the Vertigo engineers so as, to offer maximum fun and most importantly maximum safety to the smallest members of the family.

The Vertigo Mini Vandal is unique in being the only 2 stroke, petrol engine, kids bike of it’s size on the market. Thus giving the smallest champions of the future, a chance to experience their very first ride on an authentic Mini Trials bike. A bike which offers all the sounds, vibrations & sensations of a real full size trials bike.

The Mini Vandals have been developed with safety as our number one priority. Each bike has a exhaust guard, side frame guards, guards which fully enclose the disk brakes both front and rear. And finally a magnetic lanyard kill switch. Thus ensuring that your child’s very first experience of two wheel motorbike fun can be done in complete safety.

Our engineers have also worked hard to keep weight to an absolute minimum. These Mini Vandals therefore weigh in at only 21kgs. This results in these little bikes being both extremely agile & easy to manage, even for the smallest of children. The bikes also benefit from a new and improved air filter system so as to keep dust, dirt and water out of the airbox. Also new for 2020 is a larger capacity plastic fuel tank thus extending the range and fun of these little bikes. The Vertigo Mini Vandals, unlike most other kids bikes on the market are not fitted with bicycle tyres, they are equipped with authentic trials tyres developed exclusively for Vertigo.

These Mini Vandals are available in three stunning new versions for 2020.

A Mini Dougie Lampkin Replica, a Mini Jaime Busto Replica and finally a Mini 2020 Vertical Replica. Our designers have paid attention to the smallest of details, so as to ensure these little bikes are in almost every sense a true replica of their big brothers. All three models are powered by the same 50cc 2T engine and equipped with 16” wheels.

If you want to introduce your child to the exciting & fun world of motorbikes, in maximum safely and with all the sensations of a real full size bike, then these exciting Mini Vandals are the bike of choice.

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The Reunion Island hosted the opening round of the 2020 X-Trial World Championship, this being the first time in the history of the series that the season opener was held outside the European Continent. More than 3,500 spectators filled the Stade Jean Ivoula de Sant-Denis to vibrate with the X-Trial show, a show in which Jaime Busto (3rd) and Miquel Gelabert (4th) played a very important role with both debuting in indoor competition with Vertigo.

The first to hit the sections from the newly created Vertigo duo was Miquel Gelabert, who did it as the third rider of the first group achieving a solid round of 16 marks, which allowed him to pass the cut in 6th place. Jaime Busto entered the competition with the second group and secured his pass to round 2 in 4th place after leaving only 9 marks. In the second round Gelabert would compete again in the first of the groups, finishing with 17 marks to get his pass to the runners-up final. Jaime Busto joined Gelabert right after as the rider from Górliz ended up his round with 12 marks.

Both riders, debuting in an X-Trial event with Vertigo, delivered an exciting final to decide who climbed to third step of the box. At the helm of the Vertical 2020, it was finally Busto who picked-up the prize scoring only 2 marks against 5 from his new team-mate Miquel Gelabert. Gelabert demonstrated a very effective adaptation to his new Vertical 2020 closing his debut with an exceptional 4th place.

Second round of the X-Trial World Championship will be held in Rennes, France, this coming Saturday, November 23rd.

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It is a huge honour for Vertigo to confirm that Dougie Lampkin, brand ambassador and Team Manager of the Factory Team, will continue to play his key roles in Vertigo’s project for the next two years. Since the Factory started its activity back in 2014, the 12 Times World Champion and 12 Times SSDT winner, last four with Vertigo, has channelled all his unmatched experience and expertise to put Vertigo’s models amongst today’s most competitive and reliable bikes of the industry. With Lampkin sticking at the head of the whole group Vertigo reinforces its bet on the sport while setting a solid base to extend their lead as the technologically most advanced trials brand.

A part from spending many hours working closely with Vertigo’s engineers, Lampkin also leads Vertigo’s Factory Team as the Team Manager. Next year looks even more exciting after we proudly announced the signings of Miquel and Aniol Gelabert apart from keeping Jaime Busto, Berta Abellán and Pau Martínez onboard. There is simply no better Team Manager to guide this young prospects to the top of the standings, with Lampkin himself knowing what it takes to reach the glory and become a true legend of the sport. With two years ahead to guide them, future couldn’t look brighter for the team.

Looking to extend his already gold numbers as well, Lampkin has remained active in the competition scene the last few years, with Vertigo successfully helping the forty-three years old Red Bull athlete to increase his SSDT registers up to 12 victories while winning the Scott Trial in 2017 and 2018. Now, Lampkin will be looking forward to continuing this successful partnership through 2020 and 2021.

Dougie Lampkin: “I’m delighted to announce that I have signed again with Vertigo for another two years. I will continue to ride the classic events as usual and also continue as brand ambassador and team manager. We are looking forward to the season ahead, we are going to continue with the existing riders of Busto, Abellán and Martínez and we have got two exciting new signings with Miquel and Aniol Gelabert. We really expect well across the World Championship as well as all the great riders in the National teams coming to ride in the races. We are looking forward to it.”



Vertigo is delighted to announce the piece that completes its puzzle for the upcoming season. Miquel Gelabert joins the Factory Team to contest the TrialGP World Championship and the Spanish Championship in the premier class. Brand and rider have reached an agreement for the next two seasons.

Miquel Gelabert is amongst the selected group of young prospects that have been capable to shine in the premier class of the TrialGP World Championship and the Spanish Championship, a list where we can also find his new team-mate Jaime Busto. Both riders will make for the youngest and talented team of the world paddock. Miquel has several national and international titles under his belt, like the 2016 European Championship or the TR2 Spanish Championship in 2014.

With three seasons of experience in the TrialGP class, Vertigo has full confidence on Miquel’s capabilities to fight regularly for the top spots in every single race of the calendar, giving him the right tools and support to help him deliver his best at the helm of the Vertical 2020. Together with Jaime Busto, Berta Abellán, his brother Aniol Gelabert and Pau Martínez, the signing of Miquel closes an exciting line-up of Factory riders that puts Vertigo right at the top of the elite trials competition.

Miquel Gelabert: “I’m really happy to have signed for Vertigo. I join this project super motivated to give Vertigo and myself the results we expect. I would like to thank Vertigo for betting on me, now it is time to work hard and try to adapt to the new bike as soon as possible.”


Following the announcements of Jaime Busto, Berta Abellán and Pau Martínez, it is with great pleasure that Vertigo can make public the signing of young prospect Aniol Gelabert, one of the riders experiencing a better progression through the ranks to compete with the Factory Team in the Trial2 World Championship and the Spanish Series in the premier class.

At the tender age of 19 years old, the Catalan youngster has built himself a name inside the industry thanks to his spectacular and effective riding style. Aniol finished 6th the Trial2 World Championship this season, with a 3rd as a season-best at the last showdown held in La Nucia. In 2018, he already had shown some signs of his potential by jumping onto the 2nd step of the box in Gouveia, Portugal. Next season will be his 4th run in the Trial2 class, which puts him within the list of potential podium contenders. Aniol has enjoyed a productive season in the World Series but also in the European Championship, he rounded out the Top 3 in the general standings after a solid season in which he recorded two podium appearances.

With his signing it is another young, ambitious and promising rider who joins the team to reinforce Vertigo’s bet on trials’ hottest international talents. The Vertical has proven to be the perfect machine for them to develop all their potential, a fact proven by all their great results, and with Aniol Vertigo expects to help him make a new step forward in his speedy approach to the top of the sport.

Aniol Gelabert: “I’m really pleased with my Vertigo signing. It is a project that motivates me, and I’m super grateful to the brand for how they have treated me from the very beginning. I hope to match their expectations as well as mines, demonstrate this is a great squad, a great bike and prove we can do big things together.”‘