The 2019 TrialGP World Championship came to an end this weekend in La Nucia (Spain) after coming back to action from the traditional summer break. Jaime Busto arrived at the last showdown of the season in great shape after clinching his first victory of the campaign last week in the Spanish Championship, and together with an ambitious Jorge Casales, who was looking forward to finishing the 2019 in a high note, were set to be a pair of riders that should be fighting for the top spots. Same as Berta Abellán, the talented Spaniard had her eyes set on keeping her tittle chances alive until the last section of the day. Lorenzo Gandola and David Avendaño in Trial2 completed Vertigo’s line up in La Nucia.

A promising qualification session on Saturday left positive starting positions for Busto (2nd) and Casales (7th) on race day. After a pretty solid opening lap Busto was holding 3rd place before hitting the Spanish sections for the second time, with very small gaps between a numerous group of riders. Second lap was being even better for Vertigo’s young gun, but a succession of 4 maximums in the last 4 sections dropped him from 3rd to 5th. With eight extra points due to time penalty, Busto finished only 3 marks away from the podium.

Jorge Casales delivered two solid laps, almost matching his own punctuation of 33 on lap 1 with a second lap of 34. He was one of the best riders managing the time limit, so after penalizing only 3 extra marks he got really close to the Top 5 and not too far from the Top 3. He ended up with 70, what meant 3 more than teammate Busto and 6 behind the third spot.

Both riders finished what has been a strong season for the team in the premier class, as Busto finishes 4th in the Championship standings and Casales just behind in 5th, a great result for Vertigo that has put its two bikes inside the Top 5.

Berta Abellán confirmed in La Nucia an excellent campaign at the helm of the Vertical with yet a new podium finish, as she wrapped up another second place being once again the only rider in contention to break Emma Bristow’s dominance. On the opening lap an outstanding performance left her trailing Bristow by just 1 mark, on the second one, even though she managed to keep up with that pace her 19 marks weren’t enough to hold on for the victory and ended up 8 behind the Brit. This was a great end of the season for Abellán, who keeps making huge steps forward to become for second year in a row TrialGP Women’s runner-up.

In Trial2 Lorenzo Gandola combined impressive sections with small mistakes that dropped him out of the Top 10. In 15th, just two spots away from Ganodola’s 13th, placed David Avendaño to get his season’s best. In the general standings the Italian finishes in 10th place while Avendaño in 22nd.

Vertigo ends what has been a very productive campaign for the team, with a roster of riders that have been able shine in all the classes, showing great competitiveness and potential to get podiums and great results throughout the series. With the main goal to continue as a reference team in the World Championship, Vertigo is looking forward to start preparing the 2020 campaign.


Vertigo Motors is delighted to present the latest evolution of the Vertical-Works model. This new model will be available in the traditional 125, 250 & 300cc versions, and new for 2020 the exciting 200cc & 280cc versions.

Our team of Vertigo engineers, guided by our brand ambassador & 12 times Trials World Champion Dougie Lampkin, who in turn has worked relentlessly during the 2019 season with our extremely talented team of World Championship riders, consisting of Jaime Bus- to, Jorge Casales & Berta Abellan have ensured that the latest 2020 version of this already extremely advanced 2 stroke, fuel injection machine is even more refined & reliable than ever before.

The 125cc is a model which has already earned its place in the elite stable of Vertigo mo- dels. Thanks to this model, in the hands of Pau Martinez becoming 2019 European 125cc Champion in its debut year.

The new 200cc model, combines the very best elements of both the 250cc & 125cc models. Resulting in a bike capable of taking on virtually any challenge. Whilst always providing the rider with total control of their machine. This new model is ideal for first time riders, or those who do not require the full power of a 250cc or higher capacity bike. Yet who still demand enough power to take on challenging sections & lines.

The 280cc similarly combines the best elements of the 250cc & 300cc models to provide intermediate & advanced riders with a very responsive & powerful bike capable of attacking extremely challenging sections & lines. This 280cc model is only available under request.

Each version of this 2020 model has been subject to the same meticulous technical development. Meaning this new model, takes the already most technically advanced and revolutionary trials bike on the market, to a whole new level & keeps the bike in an entire class of its own.

If you demand the ultimate in quality, advanced technology & performance then this is the bike for you.

The distinctive & attractive new aesthetics of the bike are achieved thanks to the totally new look 2020 graphics with their matte finish, combined with the new olive green chassis colour scheme. Complimented by the many red anodised components such as the stun- ning new billet machined wheel hubs & triple clamps, red anodised cylinder head, engine & chassis fixings and front subframe. While the new for 2020 black finish of the wheel rims, skid plate and side stand add a touch of class to this very attractive new bike.

Bike specifications: VERTICAL 2020

Gallery: VERTICAL 2020

These are the main new features of the 2020 Vertigo, Vertical-Works.

  • Reiger adjustable rear shock. Compression & extension. Provides super smooth & controlled suspension travel. As well as improved traction & stability in all conditions.
  • Tech racing forks, with adjustable rebound, end-stroke & spring pre-load. Provide maximum precision and responsive feedback to the rider.
  • New lightweight billet alloy wheel hubs-laser etched with the Vertigo logo & fini- shed in anodised red.
  • FIM/Race-Spec Galfer rear disk.
  • S3 Hardrock steel footrests.
  • Racing throttle body.
  • New Mapping customised to 2020 configuration. Allows the rider to switch be- tween a more aggressive map for dry & grippy conditions or a super smooth map for wet & slippery conditions.
  • New thermodynamic configuration.
  • New 2020 specification cylinder head – with red anodised finish.
  • Vertigo CNC brake & clutch lever adjusters – Allow instant fine tuning of your controls.
  • Renthal handlebar grips.
  • New Vertigo handlebar pad.
  • Throttle cable adjuster at the handlebar.
  • Magnetic lanyard kill switch-ready to race feature.
  • New design billet triple clamps-with red anodised finish.
  • Redesigned clutch: allowing for a more responsive & precise feeling.
  • New radiator design & new fan: improves air flow & cooling, whilst being more re- sistant to heavy impacts.
  • New silencer guard spacers: give the rider more precision & control when  manoeuvring the bike.
  • New 2020 Specification Re-Enforced Frame.
  • Dunlop GP Tyres.

VERTIGO TEST DAYS 2019 – From the 27th to the 29th of September

The weekend from the 27th to the 29th of September will host a new edition of Vertigo’s annual event for importers and clients of the brand, an event that this year shares dates with Camprodon’s Trial, scheduled for Saturday the 28th. The Hotel Puig Francó and the Noassar Area will house again this popular event, which will constitute a great opportunity to test for the first time the brand new Vertical 2020 range, this is the 125cc, 200cc, 250cc and 300cc models.

On Saturday, sharing the date with the Camprodon’s Trial, Vertigo will organize a test day in which every rider attending the trial, as well as other people that might make it to the Noassar Area, will have the full range at their disposal to test it in a specific area. It will be a great opportunity take a closer look to the new bikes, and experience onboard the qualities and performance of the new Vertical, a bike that arrives with many interesting updates and ready to face any kind of section or challenge.

Sunday 29th will be the turn for Vertigo’s clients. Those who attend the event will enjoy a free breakfast and the chance to test themselves the new bikes. Several groups of riders will be made depending on the attendance, and each one will be taken by Vertigo’s Factory riders in a trip around the Noassar Area, with many sections available to ride to let the riders test in different kind of terrains and obstacles.

Vertigo’s Factory riders Jaime Busto, Jorge Casales and newly crowned Youth European Champion Pau Martínez will join the attendees in every day of the event.

Those who might be interested in staying several days can place their reservations at the Hotel Puig Francó, where they will enjoy from an idyllic setting and many magnificent facilities that will definitely turn their weekend into an unforgettable experience.


– E-mail: info@puigfranco.es

– Phone:  Hotel: 972 740 971 / Restaurant: 972 740 023