Vertigo officially announces the signings of Pau Martínez and Leire Rodríguez for the 2019 season. A deal that reinforces and confirms Vertigo’s bet on young prospects, and that gives the opportunity to keep increasing the impact of the brand in the several national and international competitions.

Pau Martínez, MRW rider, is a promising bet. After taking the “Cadet” National Championship in 2017, last season he was able to build his way up to the Top10 of the Trial125 World Championship in his rookie year, a brilliant result that followed a solid 3rd place in the Junior class of the Spanish Championship. In 2019, we will see him competing again in the Trial125 World Championship, in the European Series inside the Youth class and repeating experience in the Junior class in Spain at the helm of the brand new Vertical 125c.c..

Leire Rodríguez is also a rider with a bright future ahead. Her riding has improved greatly during the last few seasons, and this year she will be looking forward to continuing this positive line in the Women’s B class of the Spanish Championship and inside the Women International class of the European Championship.

With these new signings Vertigo confirms its bet for the competition, which the brand considers as the best scenery to continue developing and improving their bikes as they are put to test in the most exigent conditions of trials.


Last couple of weeks have been an intensive ones for Vertigo. The factory has received during the last period of January and these first days of February several visits from some of the most important international importers, all with the aim to strengthen our levels of cooperation and to create new plans together that should help Vertigo to keep growing internationally.

Taking advantage from the fact that our importers from the US, Canada, Belgium, the UK and Norway were here in Spain and that our factory riders didn’t have any events in their agendas, Vertigo decided to organize a training day on Saturday the 2nd of February at the Noassar Center with Dougie Lampkin, Berta Abellán, David Avendaño and Lorenzo Gandola amongst others.

It was an excepcional day of riding. Everyone was able to practice on different kinds of terrains and conditions thanks to the uncountable amount of sections that the Noassar Center store within its wide extension.

After receiving a positive feedback, Vertigo has actually started to prepare some rental models for dealers, importers and general public to enjoy the Noassar Center without having to take care of transporting their own bikes. More information on that coming soon.


The X-Trial World Championship celebrated its 2nd round of the year at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, a very special venue which was hosting its 42nd Indoor Trial, with no doubt, one of the most iconic and historic events of the sport. Team Vertigo and Jorge Casales were going into the event with really high hopes, specially after Budapest, where things went pretty well as he reached a positive 6th place, a result that he was looking forward to replicating or even improve in Barcelona.

Sections were quite demanding, with really technical spots that left no room for mistakes. Casales was the 2nd of the first trio of riders to face the 5 initial sections, just after Petrella. A maximum at the entry of section 1, and another one at the last stages of section 2 put Casales with 10 marks, but far from loosing his cool, the Spaniard managed to make it through a difficult section 3 leaving only 1 mark. Section 4 meant his 3rd maximum as the opening triple step was nearly impossible to overcome. Last section was quite a good one and Casales only penalized 1 more mark.

Casales would go up to a total of 17 marks, just three behind the limit to advance to the 2nd round. It was another learning experience for Casales that allows him to gain more experience in this difficult discipline. With the 8th place of Barcelona Casales keeps the 6th spot of the X-Trial general standings.

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