Italy hosted the 8th and last round of the 2018 TrialGP World Championship this past weekend at Pietramurata Di Dro, where the Metzeler Off Road Park was set to celebrate the first ever night qualification, which increased to great levels the already high expectations towards the ultimate race of the year.

Jorge Casales was one of the riders that adapted better to this new and unprecedented race conditions, being able to get a positive 6th position. On Sunday the opening lap wasn’t what Casales was looking for, as the young and talented Spaniard filled his target with 47 marks after the first 15 sections. On lap 2 he was able to bounce back and recover some of the lost ground, by picking up only 26 marks to cross the finish line with a total of 73, but turned to be 83 after adding 10 points due to a time penalization, so he finally dropped back to 9th place.

With this result, Casales ends in 8th place the TrialGP World Championship, which has been his first season on the Combat Vertical. He has left clear and evident signs of his great talent, so with this year of experience over his shoulders 2019 should be even a better campaign for the 23-year-old Spaniard.

In the Trial2 Class Matteo Poli made his comeback to the races in front of his home crowd, snatching a great 7th place on Saturday’s qualification. The Italian was fighting for the top spots on both sessions, as in Q1 he also got a great result by finishing 5th. Poli wasn’t able to carry that performance onto Sunday though, as the Italian struggled to find a good pace and picked up too many points to be in contention for the top spots. He finished with 83 marks, which gave him the 16th place.

Although the result wasn’t the expected for this last race, Poli passes with a good mark this season as it was just the first one after spending some time away from professional racing. The Trial2 class isn’t an easy one, but the Italian has managed to get good results like the 6th place he got in Andorra.

Vertigo ends this way the 2018 outdoor season in the TrialGP World Championship, with the Vice World Championship clinched by Berta Abellán as the highlight of the year. Next season the brand hopes to keep that good line of results and consolidate itself even more within the elite of the World Championship.


Photo credit: TrialGP/@Pep Segalés

The 2018 TrialGP World Championship is quickly reaching its last stages. This last weekend took place the penultimate round of the year for the TrialGP and Trial2 classes at the iconic venue of Silsden, Great Britain, while for the TrialGP Women and Trial 2 Women classes this was set to be the last race of the calendar.

In the premier class Jorge Casales had to settle with a 14th place on Saturday’s Q2. A small mistake near the end of the section costed him 1 mark, which didn’t help to get a good starting position towards race day. On Sunday the gaps between the riders were pretty tight, so a single mistake could bring the lost of several positions in the group. Casales finished the opening lap with 19 marks, while on lap 2 he would deliver 23. These punctuations dropped him back to 10th place, and with only one round left he sits in 8th place in the general standings.

Who keeps delivering outstanding performances is Berta Abellán. Earlier this summer she clinched theEuropean Championship and after that her eyes were set on finishing runner-up in the World Championsip. Abellán was able to perform a very solid race on British soil, in which she stayed in the podium fight from the very beginning. Despite having several riders coming strong behind her, she didn’t lose her cool  and wrapped up a new podium, this time in 3rd place. Another successful weekend for her to finish the international season with yet another great achievement by becoming the 2018 TrialGP Women runner-up. This season has been an amazing one for Abellán as she has been crownedSpanish Champion, European Champion and now runner-up in the World Championship.

In Great Britain Vertigo had a third rider competing. It was Vertigo Motor UK’s Hannah Styles, who was making her comeback to a World Championship event after 7 years. She showed what she was capable of from the first moment, as Styles got the best time in the Q2 and on Sunday she finished 5th in the Trial 2 Women class.

There’s only one race left in the TrialGP calendar. It will take place in Italy on 15/16 September.