Bilstain, Belgium, held the 5th and last round of the 2018 Trial European Championship. A Championship that has been dominated by Berta Abellán since the opening round, as she had only been defeated in one round previously to Belgium. All the other rounds had to be counted as victories for Abellán, which gave her a 45 points lead coming to the last showdown. A third place was enough in Bilstain to grab the title.

It wasn’t an easy race for Abellán on Belgian soil indeed. On lap 1, a silly maximum added 5 extra marks to her target, so instead of 3, which would have been the punctuation, she finished with 8 dropping back to 3rd spot. Hakonsen (TRS) with 4 and her main rival for the Championship, Bauml (Montesa), with 7 marks, had better performances in these early stages of the trial. On lap 2 Abellán would display all her talent to prove once again why she has been so dominant in this year’s European series. She was able to leave 4 marks less than in the previous lap, while her rivals couldn’t hold the pace and had to surrender against the new Queens of Europe, Berta Abellán and her Combat Vertical 2019.

Vertigo wants to extend its sincere congratulations to Berta Abellán for the great season she is performing. This title means the second European Championship for the brand, the first one in a premier class, after the one clinched by Manuel Copetti in the Junior class last season. Abellán owns now the European and the Spanish crowns, while in the TrialGP Women series is sitting in 2nd position. The 2018 season is being an incredible one for Abellán. Congratulations Berta!


Berta Abellán: “In Italy the race was beautiful, and I was able to get a big win. When in Belgium, things didn’t begin quite well after dropping a silly maximum on the opening lap, which costed me to finish in 3rd place with 8 marks, not with 3, which would have been a good punctuation. However, on lap 2 I was able to correct that mistake and finish with 4, enough to take a new victory and the Championship. Super pumped to add another title to my career, very satisfied also with how the bike has been working over the last two races. I also want to thank Carles, my minder, for his efforts and great work and to all the people that helped me, both the sponsors and the ones from the crowdfunding”.


Italy was the venue to host the 3rd round of the Trial European Championship. Berta Abellán was arriving with the Championship lead under her owning after her great performances in Castellolí and Poland, where she got the win in 2 out of the 3 days of competition. Being this one the penultimate round of the 2018 series, it was crucial to have a solid weekend in order to arrive in advantageous conditions to the last showdown in Bilstain, Belgium, just this next weekend.

From the beginning Abellán demonstrated why she has been so dominant in this year’s European Championship. The opening lap was nearly perfect, as she only left a maximum in section 10, which allowed to put some ground between her and the other riders. Only Hakonsen (TRRS), with 6 marks, stayed close to Abellán’s performance.

The extremely hot weather added extra difficulty to the trial, as it became tougher for all the riders to keep up with a good pace. Berta Abellán, wise as always, dealt with that handicap perfectly and managed the second half of the race to secure a solid victory, maybe the most valuable one so far, as it gives her a 45 points lead over Theresa Bauml, who is second in the standings. Abellán ended the race with 11 marks less than her German rival, and 14 less than Hakonsen, who was third.

The last round of the European Championship is going to take place this next weekend in Bilstain, Belgium, where we hope to see Abellán confirming her supremacy and clinching the title to put great end to the European series.


With the main goal to keep on bringing novelties to the trial industry Vertigo launches its new Vertigo Mini Vandal 2019. This new model means a great step forward for the brand, as it adds a new line of motorbikes to the already established Combat range. With the Mini Vandal, Vertigo wants to reach the youngest riders with a small motorbike powered by a two-stroke engine, currently the unique bike of these characteristics in the market. Ideal for the youngest members of the family, the Mini Vandal constitutes the perfect motorbike for the future champions to make their first rides on a trials bike. This model will be available from now on through Vertigo’s international dealers network in 50c.c. and 65c.c.

The Mini Vandal has been built taking into account this public characteristics. The weight system has gone through a methodic process, bringing a motorbike of only 24kg, reducing nearly by half the weight coming from motorbikes of similar characteristics.

Security is also something the Mini Vandal 2019 cares about, minimizing to a great extent the risks and aspects that might cause problems. For that reason this kids model features many efficient security systems like the ones applied to the disc brakes, the crown or the automatic stop system through magnet.

Another added value are the special trial tyres exclusively designed for the Vertigo Mini Vandal. They will offer a better feeling to the young riders, as well as a great performance without regard to the ground they are riding.