The TrialGP World Championship came back to Europe after it visited Japan two weeks ago to hold one of the most popular rounds in the calendar.  Jorge Casales, who has begun the series in a pretty consistent way was heading to Andorra with the aim to keep earning good results, while on the other side, Matteo Poli was coming back to the Trial2 class aboard the Vandal as he missed the Japanese round.

On the opening day of competition, the Qualifying Section saw small differences between the premier class riders and Casales had to settle for 9th. On Sunday, the official Vertigo Factory rider proved with a solid performance his great shape by taking 6th place. The two laps went pretty much the same for the Spaniard, as on the opening one got 24 marks and on lap 2 he left 22. With this result Casales remains in the mix with the top riders in the general standings. He sits in 6th place only 4 points behind the Top5.

Matteo Poli also experienced a successful TrialGP Andorra. The always competitive Trial2 class demands to stay focused and ride as solid as possible to keep the chances of getting a good result alive during the race. Poli did just that, and on both laps he finished with 10 marks. His second lap was particularly impressive, as he was able to clean 13 out of the 15 sections. He ended in a positive 6th place, only 1 point away from the Top5, a result which means an important improvement from Camprodon, where he finished in 13th place.

With no time to rest, the TrialGP World Championship leaves Andorra and heads to Portugal, where this week is gonna take place the 4th round of the series.