It is official, Arnau Farré has inked a deal with Vertigo for the next two seasons. The young Spaniard and reigning European Champion joins the factory team and is set to contest the TrialGP World Championship, the FIM X-Trial, the RFME Spanish Championship and also the British Trials Championship at the helm of the Vertigo Vandal.

Considered one of the rising stars of trials racing, Farré has on his own at the early age of 19 years old4 Spanish Championships (Junior 80cc, Junior 125cc, Cadet and Youth). On his first year competing in the premier class of the TrialGP Series Farré has ended in 12th place, being the 8th position achieved in Andorra his best result.

With his signing Vertigo will be serviced by one of the most talented and skilled riders growing inside the circuit, something that confirms Vertigo’s commitment to the young riders. Alongside with Jorge Casales, both riders will constitute a great line up plenty of talent and quality, which is set to achieve great results in every race Vertigo will take part.

What is more, Dougie Lampkin has extended his relationship with Vertigo until 2019. Currently, acting as brand’s ambassador, team manager and developer Lampkin will continue at the front of the racing project, where Vertigo has created a great balance between youth, which is coming from the two factory riders, and the experience and wisdom from the former 12 times World Champion. A merger with great potential that is expected to emerge during these seasons.



After two productive years, Vertigo and Jeroni Fajardo put an end to their relationship. The Spaniard has defended Vertigo’s colours the last two seasons in the TrialGP World Championship, the X-Trial World Championship and the Spanish Championship with more than positive results. In his first season, Fajardo was able to finish in 5th place the TrialGP World Championship, taking three podiums through the season, all of them in 3rd spot. This year things have gone even better, as he has been able to finish in4th position the World Series, riding really consistent and taking yet another podium in the USA round (day 2). Earlier in the season, he clinched a brilliant 3rd place in the X-Trial World Championship,exactly the same result he recently got in the Spanish Championship.  

With great professionalism and commitment, Fajardo has helped Vertigo to keep on growing, being himself a key part in the development of the successful Vertigo Combat Fajardo Replica.

What concerns about Toby Martyn, he also chose to focus on new challenges. The young Brit has offered an incredible performance in which has been his only season with Vertigo. The victories taken in theopening round of the European Championship and the one in the last TrialGP of 2017 in Italy, plus two podiums wrapped up in Great Britain and USA (day 2) have been his best results through the year.

We wish to the two of them the best of lucks in the near future. We also want to thank all the hard work they have put in throughout these last seasons.



After an edition of absence, Vertigo has returned to EICMA with great strength. There, the green brand has launched a new bike alongside with the already known 2018 Combat range, and this is no other than the high expected Vandal.

The new model features important differences with the Combat Vertical and the Titanium R, but it has been built following Vertigo’s philosophy too, which is to build a bike capable to offer great performance both in the most demanding competitions and in the leisure side of trials. With a short look at it we can easily see many changes, especially with the frame and the exhaust, which are completely different from the Combat models. More details from this new Vandal will be released pretty soon with production beginning in the first trimester of 2018.

But this hasn’t been the only surprise that Vertigo had in store, as alongside with the Vandal, a new creation was presented to the public for the first time. It was the Crossbow Bullet, a new e-MTB fully equipped with high performing components coming from brands such as Shimano, Renthal or Rock Shock. The aim of this bike will be to provide its customers with a great experience while they continue to enjoy their trips through the mountains and forests, combining the traditional pedalling with a support battery to enjoy even more every kilometre. As with the Vandal, more details from its features will be released in a short period of time.