Considered one of the most exclusive motorbikes within the trial industry, this premium model comes back with a group of improvements that leaves a unique bike, geared up with exclusive spare parts and components that really make the difference. The Titanium R 2018 will come in a limited edition, so it will be more exclusive than ever. After launching the brand new Combat Vertical 2018 earlier in August, Vertigo adds a new model that takes our brand into another level, featuring many components of the highest quality to build an unprecedented motorbike.

The Titanium R 2018 gives perfect reflection to one of the most important values for Vertigo: the innovation. This model gives great evidence of the willfullness the brand has for creating adifferentiated bike from all the others, applying to its conception own technology combined with solid and high performance spare parts. From all this borns into life a unique motorcycle, that offers a high standard bike for the most exigent trial lovers.




This new model means a great step forward for the brand, as it adds a new line of motorbikes to the already established Combat range. With this Mini Vandal, Vertigo wants to reach the youngest riders with a small motorbike powered by a two-stroke engine of 49,8c.c., currently the unique bike of these characteristics in the market. Ideal for the youngest members of the family, the Mini Vandal constitutes the perfect motorbike for the future champions to make their first rides on a trials bike.

Targeted for kids from 5 to 9 years old, the Mini Vandal has been built taking into account this public characteristics. The weight system has gone through a methodic process, bringing a motorbike of only 24kg, reducing nearly by half the weight coming from motorbikes of similar characteristics.

Security is also something the Mini Vandal 2018 cares about, minimizing to a great extent the risks and aspects that might cause problems. For that reason this kids model features many efficient security systems like the ones applied to the disc brakes, the crown or the automatic stop system through magnet.

Another added value are the special trial tyres exclusively designed for the Vertigo Mini Vandal. They will offer a better feeling to their future young riders, as well as a great performance without regard to the ground they are riding.





Last round of the TrialGP World Championship took place this last weekend in Pietramurata (Italy). Still with chances to reach the third spot of the Championship Standings, our two factory riders Jeroni Fajardo and Toby Martyn were looking for a great result on Italian soil.

ln the TrialGP class Jeroni Fajardo didn’t have a good qualification section on Saturday, he had to settle with a 7th place. Heavy overnight rain continued to fall during the morning, forcing the organizers to make changes in some sections. The mud left small grip on the opening lap, with all the riders struggling to keep their feet up on the foot pegs. Fajardo ended this first ride over the fifteen sections with 35 marks, a punctuation that increased dramatically after scoring 3 straight maximums on sections 7 to 9.

Second lap was far better as sections went dry. Fajardo felt more comfortable aboard his Fajardo Replica, something that was reflected on his score of 12 marks. With the other riders also being able to improve their performances, he had to settle with a 5th place, ending 9 points behind his former teammate James Dabill (Gas Gas).

With this result, Fajardo couldn’t take the third spot of the Championship Standings, however he kept the4th place, which is a result we have to be proud of taking into account the high level that is currently ruling the World Championship.  This was the end to the 2017 outdoor season, which has seen Fajardo take one podium at TrialGP USA day 2.


What Toby Martyn did last weekend in TrialGP Italy is hard to describe. This was just his first season in the World Championship, and he has caused quite a storm with a great second half of the season. In Pietramurata our young talent wrapped his third Qualifying victory in a row, which meant that he has finished the series as the rider with more wins.

Last TrialGP Czech Republic was a disappointing one for Martyn, as he ended 9th after a difficult second lap. In Italy, he was looking for a better performance, not only to bounce back from last week, but also to give the series the best end possible. And so he did, Martyn made the perfect weekend by taking thetop spot on Sunday too, being this one his first ever victory in the World Championship and bringingVertigo its first win as well.

On the opening lap Martyn left 11 marks, bringing in great potential to take a podium position. His second lap was simply amazing, dropping 4 marks less with all his talent rising to a great extent aboard the Combat Ice Hell. He scored the best punctuation, only Petrella (TRS) with 8 points could keep up with the pace set by Martyn.

After several races ending very close to the desired victory, our rider was finally able to achieve it. This was the reward for all the hard work he has put in throughout the season. We have to consider it a huge success, as Martyn has been able to make it on the box three times this season as a rookie, with two 2nd places in Great Britain and USA plus the victory in Italy. In the end, Martyn has finished 4th in the Championship Standings, living ups and downs during a season that all in all has brought him experience, which was the main goal at the beginning. Really looking forward to what Martyn has in store for next season.


47 Jeroni FAJARDO ñ Vertigo FIM TRIAL 2017 Arco di Trento



After the summer break the TrialGP World Championship came back to live the 7th round of the season. The town of Sokolov was the place where the TrialGP paddock would be settled, with Jeroni Fajardo and Toby Martyn arriving with high hopes towards this round after the podium that each other took in the latest TrialGP USA.

In the Qualification Section from Saturday Jeroni Fajardo made a solid run to end 5th, booking himself a proper starting position for Sunday’s race. When in the race, the opening lap saw Fajardo struggling to keep up with the front riders’s pace. With 5 maximums coming to the end of this first lap, his punctuation increased to 34 marks to fall into a discreet 7th place. But things would change dramatically on lap 2, when the Czech fans would see Fajardo at his best as our factory rider was able to reduce to only 17 marks his score through the 15 sections, a great performance that gave him big chances to get into the podium. He ended with a total of 54, the same as Jaime Busto (Montesa) and only 1 more than Toni Bou (Montesa), who scored 53. In the end, Fajardo had to settle with 4th place due to a lower number of cleans.

After this race Fajardo will begin the last round of the season 10 points behind the 3rd place in the Championship Standings. We hope him to put in a strong ride in Italy and keep his championship podium chances alive until the last moment.


Toby Martyn began the best way possible his performance on Czech soil by clinching his second qualifying victory in a row. The race on Sunday began quite the same for Martyn, as our young talent delivered an 18 marks target that positioned himself as a podium contender. However, the worst part of the day would eventually come on lap 2, when Martyn wasn’t able to hold his great riding by increasing his marks to 31. This dropped him from the top of the standings, finding himself at the end in a disappointing 9th place.

For sure this wasn’t the result Martyn wanted, but on the other hand it brought great experience to our young prospect in order to improve in the next races. This result still leaves Martyn in 4th place in the Championship Standings, but loosing some ground with the 3rd spot, now 12 points away. Just in a few days there will be an opportunity for redemption, with Italy coming straight away this weekend.