TrialGP USA was the last round of the calendar before the summer break and also the last one set on two days of competition, as Kingsman was the last round overseas of the season. Following what happened in Japan, qualification section took place on Friday with Jeroni Fajardo finishing in 10th place.

The opening day was quite tricky for Fajardo, who had to fought against a disappointing lap 1, in which he left three maximums (sections 5, 8 and 10) that opened a big gap between him and the Top5 that was nearly impossible to recover, specially because of the low-scoring race this was being. At the halfway stage he was carrying 16 marks, starting lap 2 with the ambition to keep fighting and try to get the best score possible over the 15 sections. He managed to add only 7 more marks to his card, ending the day with 24 and finishing in 7th place. 

On a higher-scoring day 2 things went pretty different. Our rider could materialize a great ride to get on the box in third position for the first time this season. Contrary to day 1, his score of 20 marks on the opening lap brought him into 3rd place at the halfway stage. With an even better lap 2 total of just seven, Fajardo secured a well-deserved podium at the helm of his Fajardo Replica to close a solid day of racing at Kingman.

In the provisional standings Fajardo is currently 5th, tied with Takahisa Fujinami (Montesa) and 8 points far from Jaime Busto (Montesa) who is third.


The weekend at Kingsman could not have begun better for Toby Martyn. The Brit took the victory for the first time this year at the qualification section aboard his Combat Ice Hell. He would carry this momentum throughout the weekend, riding at an impressive level.

Saturday saw Martyn booking his place as a victory contender after a great score of only 2 marks during lap 1. As it usually happens in Trial2, punctuations were pretty tight between the top riders, so a small mistake could leave anyone outside the top5. This is what eventually happened to Martyn, who dropped from second to sixth after a single five in section 10. This left Martyn with no podium options, finishing day 1 with 9 points, only three out of the third spot.

Day 2 had something better in store for the youngster as Martyn wrapped his second podium of the season after the one he got in the last TrialGP Great Britain. This was undoubtedly the reward for all the efforts made during a hard weekend of racing. At the halfway stage Martyn was second with 17 marks, and a total of only 8 marks on lap 2 would bring Martyn into the podium in a solid second position.

Martyn, who is getting better results as the Championship is going on is already 4th in the provisional standings, only 6 points away from the third spot.



Last weekend brought great news for Vertigo, as our rider Benoit Dagnicourt earned an outstanding victory at the “4 Jours de la Creuse”. More than 260 riders coming from seven different countries took part in this year’s event, which was in addition the 37th edition of this popular French race.

Dagnicourt had a solid ride on his Combat Ice Hell from the very beginning, as he was yet leading the race fourteen marks ahead of the field on the opening day. He was able to carry his momentum through the following two days, adding no more than three marks to the four he already had. With that, Dagnicourt could manage his wide gap during the last day, when he was nothing but 31 points ahead of the second rider. With 6 marks and finishing this closing stage in 2nd place, Dagnicourt and his Combat Ice Hell were crowned as the new kings of the “4 Jours de la Creuse”.

This was a great achievement by our rider, who brought Vertigo a prestigious victory in one of the most popular races within the trial calendar.

Benoit Dagnicourt statements: “I rode very good during the first 3 days penalizing only 7 points to lead 31 marks ahead of the second rider. I just had to manage that gap the last day to keep the victory. The bike was amazing, any problem during 280 km and 70 sections. Such a perfect weekend for me and the team!.




The 4th scoring test for the TR1 pilots the Cto. Trial Spain was held in the town of Sant Corneli (Barcelona), this being the only test of the calendar scheduled for two days of competition. After climbing to the podium in Arnedillo, Fajardo and the Vertigo team sought to give continuity to this good dynamic of results.

On the first day of the race, Fajardo was in charge of opening the 12 zones that made up the course, a fact that was not an impediment to aboard his Fajardo Replica, could fight from the first moment for the victory. His trial was great, especially up to zone number 8, at which time he only accumulated 1 penalty point and allowed him to lead the trial momentarily. Then, a series of three demanding zones added several feet to their locker to add a total of 13 and 8 in each of the passes. Fajardo would finish the day with 21 points, a performance that would be worth to climb the podium in an exceptional 2nd position.

Sunday would be a little more complicated day for our driver. In the first step through the areas Fajardo would suffer to stay in the fight to reach the positions of honor, while immediately after, in the second pass, could improve substantially to score the second best score of the round. With 20 points of the first pass plus 12 of the second Fajardo finish 6th with 35. Despite not being able to match the result of the first day, our driver leaves Sant Corneli with the 3rd place of the provisional of the Championship, a great news taking into account that at the beginning of the contest it occupied the 7th position.

The next scoring test for the Cto. Trial Spain will be in Andorra, in the middle of October.



Two weeks after the French Grand Prix, the TrialGP paddock headed to Bradford (Great Britain), the venue that was going to hold the fifth round of the 2017 season. In the TrialGP class, Jeroni Fajardo was back in the fight for the podium, as our factory rider was fifth both on Saturday’s qualification section and onSunday’s race. On the opening day, which saw the riders fighting for a proper starting position, Fajardo put himself at the top of the table during the first part of the event as he was one of the first riders to contest the section. He finally dropped to fifth place, only 3 seconds slower than the best time.

Thanks to that good result, Fajardo could start with the last group of riders on Sunday, a fact that would help him on his way through the two laps over the fifteen British sections. On lap one our rider was able to end with only 17 marks, a punctuation that led him to hold a provisional third place, just one point behind the local rider James Dabill (Gas Gas), who scored 16.

On the second lap Fajardo could manage to improve his first ride with 15 marks on his target, even though, this step forward wasn’t enough to keep himself on the podium. His rivals improved their rides too, leaving a tight classification at the end of the day. Fajardo finished with 32 marks, the same punctuation as James Dabill. With a larger number of cleans, Dabill would eventually finish in 4th place. The gap between the Top5 riders was pretty small, nothing but four points separated Fajardo from the second place and two from the third. After this race, Fajardo is still in the fight for a podium finish in the Championship Standings, he now sits in fifth, sharing the same amount of points as Jaime Busto (Montesa) who is fourth, and with his sights set on Takahisa Fujinami (Montesa), who is currently third with seven more points.



The Trial2 class was the one to bring the best outcome for the Vertigo Team. Toby Martyn secured hisfirst ever podium in the World Championship after an impressive ride in front of his home crowd. The youngster, who previously had to settle with several fourths this season, could finally get on the second step of the podium.

Despite a tough qualification section on Saturday, where Martyn had ended in eighteenth place afterdropping one mark, Sunday was going to be quite the opposite for the Vertigo’s young talent, as he had an exceptional ride aboard his Combat Ice Hell. He scored only 6 marks on the opening lap, giving himself the chance to fight for the podium and for the victory, as he was just one point behind the best score.

On the following lap Martyn was able to pick up a better register, penalizing only in sections number 8 (2), 12 (1) and 13 (1), to secure a brilliant second position in which turned to be the perfect weekend for our young rider, clinching his maiden podium in the World Championship in his home race. Moreover, this result allows Martyn to keep climbing through the provisional Championship Standings, holding right now the sixth place and getting closer to the Top5.

Now the TrialGP World Championship takes a break to come back in three weeks. United States will hold the sixth round of the 2017 series later this month.