Twin Ring Motegi Circuit in Japan hosted this last weekend the 2nd round of the TrialGP World Championship. Competition was set in two days, with the qualifying section scheduled for Friday. Heavy rain left the sections in quite tricky conditions, specially on Friday and on day one of competition.

In the qualifying section Jeroni Fajardo took a conservative strategy, assuming that the muddy and slippery section could bring mistakes pretty easily. Our rider was the first one to work a new line, while considerably slower, it allowed him to score just one mark, proving that his strategy was the right one. Even though his time wasn’t one of the fastest, the fact that he only left a single mark gave him the 2nd position of the day.

On the opening day of competition Fajardo positioned himself as a podium contender by ending lap one with 32 marks, the same punctuation as Takahisa Fujinami (Montesa), with who would hold a great battle for the third spot until the end of the day. Finally, Fajardo had to settle with 4th place, only 1 mark away from the podium.

On day 2 the weather finally improved, so all the riders were able to improve their performances. On the first lap Fajardo ended with 25 marks, but in the second one he recorded the lowest lap of the Trial, to finally came back home with another 4th. It was an outstanding ride by our official rider, who was just7th by the end of lap one. This great performance brought Fajardo to the third place of the general standings, a great reward to a solid weekend of racing.

In the Trial2 class Toby Martyn hadn’t the same luck as Fajardo in the qualifying section, where he only could end in 17th place. However, this wasn’t something that would affect Martyn’s ride on day one. Our young talent got his best ever result in the World Championship after a great performance. Martyn ended lap one being the third best, dropping 20 marks in his first ride over the fifteen Japanese sections. On lap two, he couldn’t stay at the same level, even though, his podium aspirationswere still alive. It was in the last section where a small problem added a new five to Martyn’s card, who was then tied in points with his country-mate Iwan Roberts (Beta). With a less number of cleans Martyn had to content with the 4th place.

On day two the young Brit fought again not only for a podium finish, but also for the victory. His score on the first lap was of only 9 marks, just one point over the best one. In his second ride through the hazards Martyn would make some extra mistakes that costed him his podium hopes. Twelve markswere too much in a lap where all the other riders were able to improve their rides, so he ended in 8th place. In Trial2 as well, Akira Shibata from Team Mitani, our Japanese dealer, joined Vertigo Teamfor his home race to end 17th and 15th on both days of competition.

Next race of the TrialGP World Championship will be in Andorra, the 17th and 18th of June.


Jeroni Fajardo: “On Saturday, after the first lap I felt really comfortable aboard my bike, but in the second one I had physical issues, I guess it was as a consequence of a cold I got when I arrived here in Japan. By the end of the day I was 4th, pretty close to the podium. On Sunday we were 4th once again. We made a great race. On lap one I got too many fives, but on the second one I pushed really hard to arrive almost to the podium. I’m really happy to come home with the third place in the Championship Standings”.



The rain has been the main protagonist of today’s opening round of the TrialGP World Championship. Raining heavily in specific moments during the morning, climatology has increased even more the level of the already exigent sections.

In front of an amazing crowd, Jeroni Fajardo and Toby Martyn began their way in this new era of TrialGP with great ambitions, as both of them were arriving to Camprodon after achieving outstanding results in this first part of the season. Jeroni clinched some months ago the 3rd place of the FIM X-Trial World Championship, and Toby Martyn has been in a great shape so far at the European Championship, where he even won the opening round.

The young Brit, who was starting inside the Trial2 group, has been able to complete the first lap around the 15 hazards without being affected by the rain, delivering his target with 24 marks. Jeroni Fajardo hasn’t had the same luck, as just in section 11, the rain started to fall down heavily, leaving the remaining 4 sections in quite tricky conditions. The rocks turned really slippery, and mud came out to quit grip, so any small mistake was easily a five. Despite that fact, Fajardo has managed to end the first lap with 40 marks in his card, being 4th at this point of the race.

When in the second lap, all the riders were forced to face the 15 sections under equal conditions. Once again, Fajardo had to give his best, and so he did by adding only 4 marks to his first lap punctuation,ending with 44. It was an amazing effort by our rider, specially taking into account that the hazards were getting harder as riders were going through. In the last quarter of the race, a group of 4 riders found themselves fighting for the 4th spot, with Fajardo, Fujinami (Montesa), Casales (Beta) and Busto (Montesa) separated by a small gap. In the end, it was Fajardo who managed to get better punctuation in the last sections to snatch the 4th place, with the other riders finishing in this same order.

Toby Martyn didn’t have the same luck in this second lap, where he ended with 37 marks, 13 more than the 24 he scored in the first one, to finish this opening round of the TrialGP World Championship 10th in the Trial2 class. Even though, it has been a demanding race for Martyn, that allows him to keep on with his progression inside the World Championship.



Vertigo makes a step forward this month with the unveiling of its new Combat Fajardo Replica, a motorbike that features within its range of components, improvements that come straight from our official rider Jeroni Fajardo’s achievements inside the most demanding trial competitions worldwide. Thanks to the experience taken from this championships comes to life this new model, which includes personal additions from Jeroni Fajardo, helping Vertigo to keep moving forward and take his range even to higher level, offering our customers a bike capable to compete in the most demanding conditions with this limited edition.

One of the most significant changes is in the rear suspension with a new system called Rocker Lineal. This system brings a new geometry that is more progressive, enhancing riders stability and control when attempting the steps.

Another aspect to highlight from this Fajardo Replica is the optimized distribution, which improves substantially the engine performance. Progress that is complimented by a new exhaust manifold, that has been evolved with Vertigo technology and built with titanium. In this group of new additions that will help our customers to feel more comfortable with their motorbike response, there is the need to take another joining part into account. Boyesen carbon reed valves are yet another component that extend this range of quality innovations, giving this Fajardo Replica one more differential factor.

The air filter has also been improved, adding a new and shorter Twin Air filter, allowing better attainment. Other innovations we have to stay tuned to are the engine carbon protectors, offering a better protection of the engine from hypothetical knocks. Also, the redesigned carter with a better layout, that lightens his weight and brings more control when hitting the steps. The handlebar is coming from the widely recognized Renthal brand with Fatbar protection, the rear brake is new too, incorporating the one used by our riders in the FIM World Trial Championship. What concerns about the transmission system, this Fajardo Replica has a new gear rim of 42 teeth totally mechanized and with less weight.

Furthermore, the engine map system has been improved as well by following Jeroni Fajardo’s advises, taken from his wide experience inside the toughest trial competitions. Not only in this new mapping system, but also in many other parts, Jeroni has made his statements to put together in this new bike, all what the highest level of competition demands.

To keep on with these new features there are the new grip adhesives in both sides of the bike, allowing a greater development for the rider on the bike by offering further grip and stability.

Once again with a dynamic and attractive design, the Fajardo Replica comes with an increment of green tones in its plastic kit, with black and red details that make it more unique. Within these details we can found such improvements like the new brake levers, provided with a new system of manual regulation that does not need any tools to be set.

As we said, Jeroni Fajardo has taken an important part in the conception of this new bike,  testing it continuously to assure the best experience possible for our customers, as well as implementing several own ideas to achieve a greater experience. After clinching two consecutive podiums in the best trial competitions worldwide, with a third place in the 2017 FIM X-Trial Championship and a Runner-up finish in the FIM Trial World Championship 2016 manufacturers class, Vertigo remains with his goals really clear. Our passion pushes us moving forward, with interesting future projects to be developed, and in the meantime, to keep on bringing to our customers the best bikes possible to practice our beloved sport, always in the cutting edge of trials technology, implementing innovation and research in every step of our chain production in the pursuit of exellance.

Combat Fajardo Replica 2017 Limited Edition 250cc and 300cc developments

– New rear suspension geometry Rocker Lineal

– New titanium exhaust manifold developed with Vertigo Technology

– New Boyesen carbon wiper blades

– New light weighted carter design

– Specific features Replica Fajardo (Vertigo covers, new brake levers) anodized in red

– Renthal handlebar with Fatbar protector

– New Twin Air air filter

– Grip adhesives

– New gear rim with less weight of 42 teeth

– FIM rear brake

– New engine map system

– New Vertigo carbon engine covers

– Customized stop system




Friday 12: The weekend will start on Friday, with the possibility of accessing the paddock from 9:00 in the morning until 3:00 p.m. At this point, the pilots can begin the inspection to the 15 zones that form the route.

Saturday 13: At 8:00 in the morning will begin the checks and administrative checks for motorcycles and pilots. At 11:00 the trainings will begin, in which the participants will be able to test their mechanics. At 15:00, one of the main novelties in this TrialGP World Championship will begin, it will be the classification zone, destined to dictate the starting position that each driver will occupy on Sunday. This zone, as well as those destined for training, are located a few meters from the paddock, so you can get there on foot without any problem.

Sunday 14: Already with restricted access with own vehicle, at 8:00 a warm-up session is scheduled to start the race with the first driver’s departure at 9:00. The awards ceremony will be at 3:45.



During the race day, the public will not be able to access the Font Rubí urbanization with their own car. In Camprodon, 4 parking garages will be enabled so that the fans can park their cars there, and later, board one of the coaches that will take them directly to the trial area. The round trip will cost € 5, children under 14 will have the free trip. The service will start from 7:30, with a total of 5 coaches that will travel every 20 minutes.

Once you arrive at Font Rubí, the coach will drop you off at the urbanization pools, about 300m from the paddock, which you can easily reach on foot. This will be located within the facilities of the Hotel Puig Francó, along with all other services among which there will be bar service, merchandising stores, and much more. Those who want to access the areas must get on a bus, which will take them from the pools of the urbanization to the areas located in the Pi Solitari.

Each spectator will carry their accreditation, which will serve to make use of this transport without any additional cost to part of the previously made to get on the first bus. There will be step controls, so it will be very important that the public does not lose sight of their accreditation. This will be delivered in Camprodonantes to make use of transportation.

Vehicle access to the Font Rubí urbanization will be exclusively for residents with their relevant distinction, for the buses in charge of transporting the public and for all those with special accreditation or VIP passes.


This will be the layout of the shopping area and paddock in the facilities of the Hotel Puig Francó.



Fort William held once again one of the most popular and valued races within the off-road racing industry. The SSDT (Scottish Six Days Trial) has been once again a huge success in terms of public attendance, as well as organization and participation, with riders facing 30 sections each day, with about 100km to be done in every stage of the race.

This edition has been quite different to the last ones. The weather was quite unusual for what SSDT has historically brought, as sun was shining the most of the days in the Scottish Highlands. With such a good weather, sections remained in quite a good conditions, something that for instance, brought five riders at the top spot after day 1, all of them with 0 marks. One of them was Dougie Lampkin. The former multi FIM World Trial Champion had prepared himself quite hard before this year’s SSDT, with a training program that began three months ago. Yet, Dougie proved to be in a good shape at the “3 Days Trial of Santigosa” a few weeks ago, where he was able to snatch a Top5 finish, fighting against top riders from the TrialGP Championship.

Second day was almost like the first one, as Dougie remained faultless through the 30 hazards, keeping the yellow leader board on his Vertigo Combat Ice Hell. His rivals couldn’t do the same, so Lampkin was then the new only leader of the SSDT, with still four days to go.

Showing great smoothness, and feeling really comfortable at the helm of his Combat Ice Hell, Lampkin scored another feet up day in day 3. The Vertigo ambassador look great through the rocky sections at this halfway stage of the 2017 SSDT. By then, he was at the top of the pile with a margin of 3 marks over the Spaniard Jordi Pascuet and his compatriot Jack Price (Gas Gas).

Thursday was presumed to be the toughest day of these SSDT for Lampkin, being one of the riders to be at the front of the running order, and for this reason, he was one of the first riders to go through the sections, founding them still slippery and plenty of more difficulties as not many riders went over them before. Despite that fact, Dougie collected another great day, without dropping a single mark and remaining faultless with only two days remaining, on what was turning to be an extraordinary performance, with Dougie making history in the SSDT once again.

The penultimate day would neither be the one to saw Dougie leaving a single mark. For the 5th consecutive day, Lampkin kept his feet right on the footrests to maintain his yellow leader board on his Combat Ice Hell, now with Jack Price (Gas Gas, 6 marks behind) being the only one holding the pace set by Dougie. Even we were almost at the closing stage of the SSDT, Dougie was still fresh on his riding, maintaining a solid lead and looking forward to what the closing stage had in store for him.

Today was the day that could bring Dougie another record to his already large list, by being the first ever rider to end the SSDT with 0 marks. The record was set back in 1961 by Gordon Jackson with 1 mark, and Dougie was really close to break this historic performance. Not only looking for this new record, but searching his 11th win, Lampkin has begun this final stage trying to secure the victory, and so he did by ending at the top of the pile once again in the SSDT. Even he hasn’t been able to earn the record, Dougie has extended his legend in this popular race, giving Vertigo its third straight win.

This has undoubtedly been an historic win both for Vertigo and Dougie Lampkin. Our Combat Ice Hell has proved once again that has what it takes to compete in the hardest conditions and at the highest level. Three wins in a row at the most demanding trial race worldwide, fills Vertigo with happiness, and worth every effort the brand is making every single day to build the best trial bike ever for this amazing sport lovers.



The new season couldn’t begin better, as Jeroni Fajardo gave Vertigo his first ever podium in the FIM X-Trial Championship. In front of an amazing crowd, the 40th anniversary of the Trial Indoor Barcelona will be one to be remembered. More than three hours of thrilling competition took the spectator’s heart rates to the extent, being Jeroni Fajardo the last one to made them stand up from their seats.

The night for Jeroni begin with his battle against James Dabill. Full focused on cleaning the sections Jeroni only penalized 6 marks and secured his advance to the final. He was 3rd in this first round, yet in this early stages of the competition, Jeroni demonstrated great smoothness and fineness, positioning himself as one to take into account for the final podium.

For the final all the sections except one were inverse, adding more difficulty and being totally new for the riders and what is more, two sections more were added for this final round, increasing to eight the number of sections. After being the only rider to clean section 1 in the first round, Jeroni fived it this time, forcing him to work hard through all the other sections. He was outstanding on his riding, and after a great battle against Albert Cabestany (Sherco) they were tied in points forcing them to compete one more time in the speed section in order to tie-break. Fajardo was finally who secured the third step of the podium, claiming the maiden FIM X-Trial Championship podium for Vertigo. The crowd went crazy, as Jeroni took his Vertigo Ice Hell to the limit to be just one second faster than his rival. 

It was a great ending for a great night of racing, being historical for Vertigo.



Just a week after the opening round, the FIM European Trial Championship headed to Bilstain (Belgium) to make the second stop of the European Series, in which Toby Martyn and Manuel Copetti were looking forward to keep their momentum as they came to Belgium carrying the lead of their respective categories.

In the premier class Toby Martyn landed in Bilstain with the difficult mission to repeat his victory of the opening round. Once again, the standings reflected a big equality between victory contenders, with small details becoming the turning point to decide which position would each rider reach. Toby Martyn was 4th in this first day, ending with the same punctuation as his compatriot Jack Peace (Gas Gas), who was 3rd.
Second day began far better for Martyn, as he was sharing the lead after the first lap with the Spaniard Arnau Farré (Gas Gas) with 15 marks. Vertigo’s young talent ride consistently through the fifteen sections the lap was made of, leaving his chances for the win totally open for the second lap. However, this time he couldn’t hold the same rhythm, losing the second spot to end on the third step of the podium. Even though, this was again a positive weekend for Martyn, who is second in the Championship standings.

On the other hand, Manuel Copetti showed himself once again as one of the top riders of the Junior Cup, finishing second the opening day and snatching the victory on Sunday after a disputed race. A great result for Copetti that reinforces his provisional lead in the championship standings, after winning two out of the threeraces disputed so far. Thanks to a solid ride, Copetti was able to control his rivals, and even though he couldn’t win on Saturday, he could do so on Sunday to come back home with a decisive win in terms of his chances to clinch the Championship.

Alongside with Martyn and Copetti another Vertigo rider reached the podium in Bilstain, he was Angelo Piu, 3rd in the Over 40 class.

Next round of the FIM European Trial Championship will be the 8th of August in Lazzate (Italy), still with everything to be decided. Martyn and Copetti will have to give their best to be able to fight for the Championship in their respective classes.

Photo credit: Jitsie and Vertigo Italy